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Our spring 2014 pleasure immersion is complete, but we will be running another one in the fall. Sign up below to be kept in the loop.

Have you had enough of the “no pain no gain” approach to life”? Would you like to learn how to use pleasure to birth your dreams? Join us for a 21 Day Pleasure immersion!

Pleasure is transformative and powerful, deep yet deceptively simple. Pleasure shifts the nature of your days, places you in the moment while in the flow. You can use pleasure to birth your babies, your creative projects, a new relationship or job, or your even own transformation.

Would you like to experience this magic for yourself? Join us and each day beginning May 12, you will receive a bite-sized pleasure exercise right in your inbox, something juicy that will take you less than one minute to read and 10 minutes to do.

There will be community and conversation a deep sense of all that is divine and feminine.

21 Days, Cutting Edge Teachers, & endless opportunities to engage your pleasure in Mind, Body & Soul. (It’s totally free.)

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Welcome! We will be guiding you in this pleasure immersion.

We are mothers, entrepreneurs, women living our truth and passion fully in the world. Our mission is supporting women in giving birth with pleasure.

We have experienced pleasure as a powerful tool for life, birth and all creations.

Along the way, we have met many wonderful teachers of pleasure in all disciplines- mind, body and soul. Many of them are joining us for this journey.

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A special invitation for Mamas-to-be: We will hold a special session at the end of this immersion just for YOU, to show you how to integrate all this yumminess into your birth experiences, making them ecstatic and even orgasmic.

This immersion is intended for all women from the maiden to the matriarch. Is there a woman, you would like to invite on this journey with you?

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our 21 Day pleasure immersion could be the perfect gift!

Do you have, in your life, a mother that could move from self-sacrifice to self-care?
A friend who really should learn the art of pampering herself?
A new mom who could use some extra sparkle?
A gaggle of girlfriends who are looking for a fun ride?
An expectant mom who would benefit from a new way of looking at the world?

Give the gift of pleasure to the women in your life by sharing this url:


There she will receive the full force of your love and your invitation to opt-into the program.

Here is a note you can customize and send her way:

Dear ______ I’d like to give you the gift of pleasure this Mother’s Day.
Join me for a 21 Day Pleasure Immersion. We will get juicy and joyous.
We will melt into our feminine nature. We will stir up the magic in our lives.
Click here to accept my gift and get enrolled in this program.
I can’t wait! Love, _______

Plant the seeds of pleasure in your life this spring and watch as everything begins to blossom.” – Sheila Kamara Hay

Are you ready?

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