Angelika’s B-School Story

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by Angelika Rodler


When Debra invited me to join B-School I had a thousand reasons why I couldn’t do it this time. But to be true: when I was double-checking my concerns, I realized that my concerns were all the same reasons I should jump straight into the B-School program! Looking back after almost two years, I’m so proud of myself that I was brave enough to invest the money and time to open my mind for this never-ending flow of inspiration, insights, motivation and a whole new world of technical knowledge that came into my life with Marie Forleo. Debra asked me to describe how B-School helped me to reach my goals and do things in a different way. First let me thank Debra for her caring sisterhood and role-model that made b-school so irresistible for me. Sometimes we need someone to open the door to the next level (and can you imagine someone more supporting than an expert doula to guide you through this transition!? ;-))

Attending B-School for the first time was amazing, so many new skills were offered, my to-do and to-be list was growing every day, my vision became clearer and stronger. I understand better now why b-school offers lifelong access to the program – looking grateful back I agree that the first time priority is to soak up all the great information, clear and check visions, work on structure and plans for personal life and business, feel extremely nourished, amused and softly but strong pushed forward. The months after I was playing with so many new tools, new software, programs and a totally new understanding of costumer relationship and tribe-building. Some of Marie’s guiding principles are still in my brain like helpful mantras. I’m much faster now to identify and start to change beliefs and lack of whatever that holds me back from my full power. And because Marie is teaching in such a humorous, empathic way every reminder comes with a lovely wink. For me the only way to stay motivated and in a good mood!

A special gift is the fast growing network of B-schoolers all over the world. I joined the German speaking b-schoolers –group on facebook and Debra’s b-school-group “Birth your dreams” and the clique, sharing of best practice, experience and great technical solutions is still very precious to me.

I learned for myself that I want to be sovereign about the technical part of my online presence instead of communicating all my needs with an additional person. I had to learn many things that are far away from my natural genius zone, but I’m very grateful now for many skills I’d never explored without b-school.

The second year in b-school was perfect – almost the same content, but many new insights again, new questions, new goals…and I can’t wait to start the third year soon…

Did I reach my economic goals? Yes, I did. That’s very important and should be important for you, too. But the greatest result for me was finding a work/life balance that makes me very happy and self-confident. This is what Marie offers to teach us – the business and life you really want – and for myself I can say that I highly appreciate how she fulfilled her promise…



Every year Debra joins Angelika Rodler in Austria in her Red Tent, where they lead a Doula Workshop for the circle of women there. Thank you Angelika for sharing your B-School story.