Attitude of Gratitude

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Do you have a daily gratitude practice?  

I personally try to begin each day with 3 things I am grateful for – practicing what is often referred to as an attitude of gratitude. Yet, always open to learning, I enjoyed hearing Marie Forleo’s podcast this week about gratitude and feel excited about expanding my own practice.

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Birth Your Dreams


I would love to hear what you are grateful for?

I am grateful for you!! Yes, YOU! Thank you for being a part of our tribe, for allowing me into your inbox each week and joining  me on social media to spread our message of love, respect and pleasure in birth and life.

I am also especially grateful for our Orgasmic Birth Team, beginning with Megan our Pleasure Coordinator, my friend and personal doula, who organizes and connects my workshops, retreats,  edits our blogs, web sites and emails into a delicately woven message that surrounds me also with pleasure and connects us all together. Megan’s warmth and wisdom keeps growing and adding to the joy we have spreading our message. – Thank you Megan!!

I am grateful for Ale and Melissa our social media mavens who instagram, facebook and tweet, inspiring us all to share pleasure and love and sometimes riding a gentle edge to push you to join the discussion as we value your thoughts and birth stories.

I am grateful for Mary – a doula who didn’t realize by attending two workshops with me we would entice her to share her insight and talents with us and her new eyes are adding to our new look and feel.

My brother Greg – our web master and friend who sometimes feels I talk about #toomanyvaginas but still takes time to make sure our websites are optimized and smooth for you.

I am so grateful for my husband Jimi whose support and love surrounds me during both the challenges and joys of living a life in birth.

He didn’t blink when I created a film called Orgasmic Birth – only asked if I was ready to be so BOLD. He is willing to hear me speak again and again about the power of birth, orgasms, and pleasure in our lives and how sadly this power is too often taken away by the medicalization of birth.   He urges me on, makes me green shakes, cooks healthy green dinners, when I am in meetings or teaching for 12-14 hour days and encourages me on.

It truly takes a village.

I am over the moon grateful for my huge circle of support – all of you!  All of my dear Sis-STars who host me around the world each year – Jada, Angelika, Cinzia, Karina, PALS, my amazing friend and co-teacher Ibu Robin Lim as we teach, laugh and cry together each year in Bali for our retreats.  

Jan Tritten and Midwifery Today and all the speakers and friends I have met in my travels around the world.  The thousands of doulas, midwives, nurses and doctors who have joined me at a workshop or conference and touched my heart.  Each one of you has a place in my heart at Thanksgiving and all year long in my gratitude blessings and now I will add Marie’s tips and I hope you feel my gratitude to you expanding….

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and/or a Day filled with gratitude and love!


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