Birth Your Dreams: How B-School Changed Orgasmic Birth Movie Director’s Life

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I am thrilled to share my story and how B-School has pushed me to grow, expand, and open to all of the possibilities that online marketing and growth has in store!  My friends and colleagues have joined me, and we’ve been collaborating, sharing, supporting and growing together too. I’ll be sharing some of their stories, and we will be launching a Birth Your Dreams Webinar Series this month too! Enjoy the B-School free training videos and learn Marie Forleo’s 6 Pillars (plus so much more), and get a feel for what B-School has in store for you. Check is out via my partner link so that I can support you too!

Debra at Computer InteriorB-School has totally changed the way I work and live my life in so many ways. I remember being in your shoes, looking at my dreams and knowing I was doing ok and sharing my passion but working so hard to keep my head above water while watching others soar and wondering how they did it. I was so busy and money was so tight that I could not imagine completing B-School and worried I was throwing hard-earned money (that I really didn’t have) away.

Looking back B-School was the best thing I did for my business and myself. It helped me define my message, create priorities and focus my goals so that I can travel more to the places I love while sharing my message around the world. I increased my income and was able to adjust the B-School 8 week curriculum to my schedule by spreading it out over many months. I revisit and reuse the modules to continually go deeper into the material. B-School grants a lifetime membership for all registrants, and I plan to do it again and again, each year learning more and taking away what I need to hear at the time.

I have so much more to share with you – my colleagues stories of success, and more – but first, I hope you’ll take some time and watch Marie’s first free video. You’ll gain some really great tips. Check it out here.

I hope you will watch and enjoy Marie’s 3 FREE videos over the next few weeks, follow along with my Birth Your Dreams Webinar, and stay connected to learn more about my story too.

If you are ready to reach for your dreams and know in your heart you want more pleasure in the way you work and live, I wholeheartedly can say that B-School makes a difference. I would not support B-School and commit to being a partner if I did not experience the wisdom of B-School myself as well as witness how it has changes so many people’s businesses and lives.

I also love that Marie and B-School give back and are dedicated to making a difference in so many ways. Her integrity in the way she markets, teaches and encourages others to reach their goals feels so different from so many other marketing programs I have seen before. Marie’s B-School model fits with my vision.

If you are ready to join me, please sign up here.

Wishing you pleasure in business and life and trust you will find the right path to bring your vision, message and dreams to the next level.

Debra is a proud partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School! Watch the first video via Debra’s Affiliate Link to receive her special bonus Birth Your Dreams Invitation if you join this year.

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