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It's time to stand up for MotherBaby-Family rights for a safe, respectful and pleasurable birth!


Join us as we dance for the rights of every MotherBaby-Family around the globe.

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Dance is the universal language of expression, connection and pleasure.

Dance in pregnancy and birth provides health benefits to you and your baby and creates ease, comfort and yes, pleasure!

Dance by yourself, with your partner, doula, midwife, nurse or doctor, or dance with your friends and community. 


We are inviting any and all people to join us #danceforbirthrights

Too many people are being put down on a day that should be the most joyful and respected.

The media is full of stories of disrespect in childbirth causing pain, trauma and overuse of valuable medical resources putting both MotberBaby at risk. Even my great-grandmother knew to move and use gravity to birth her babies. Science has known this for decades. let’s not take it lying down anymore - it’s time for everyone to stand, dance, and
give birth with respect, comfort and pleasure!

Let's Dance and Connect
around the world

Feel the rhythms of life moving through you

Move with our Baby Reggaeton music

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Enter your name and email below to receive our exclusive Orgasmic Birth Baby Reggaeton track and dance contest details.

Dance and Donate

Debra Pascali-Bonaro Dancing

Together we will create awareness and change the world through peaceful birth. 

Join me to raise funds to implement the International Childbirth initiative, ICI: 12 steps to Safe and Respectful Motherbaby-Family Maternity Care through the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative.

The ICI 12 steps are the template for healthy birth for all. It has a human rights framework with quality care and compassion that is being implemented around the world. I Co-chair this initiative and dedicate and donate my personal time to improve maternity care for all.  

By dancing you are adding your energy to help raise awareness and funds to support the many communities around the world suffering. Right in your community and across the globe there are people who do not have access to the loving care they deserve, and we are dancing to make a change.