Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth

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Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth  can fill us many thoughts, fears, challenges and joys.

I am honored to have been a part of the Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit recently.

Living a life that includes daily doses of pleasure has been something I am blessed to have learned from my big Italian family.  Not that we don’t have our share of challenges, but we can choose to find moments of pleasure even during difficulties. So too it is with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.  Enjoy my interview with Tracey Gartner as we talk about pleasure and the taboos of including pleasure and honoring the sexuality of childbirth including tips on how to have an Orgasmic Birth.

“Knowledge is power! Childbirth Education is there to guide you – so that you can use a combination of your intuition and values as well as education that can help guide you through the options of the benefits and the risks.”

Listen below!