Grow your Birth Business: The path to success for Midwives, Doulas & Educators

I want to share with you my adventure with B-School and how I went from directing the Orgasmic Birth Movie to creating an online childbirth class. My adventure with B-School began in 2012 when I started to hear the buzz from a few colleagues that they were taking an online class that was transforming they way they saw, and were planning, their businesses. I listened, yet- I was an independent consultant and trainer doing well and what else would I need? I forged ahead another 6 months working as hard as I could to offer my workshops, retreats and doula trainings around the world, and once again another wave of B-School buzz came drifting my way. This time I received a link to begin watching B-School founder, Marie Forleo’s videos. I was curious but sure, once again, that it was not for me.

I watched as the weeks of the launch went by, certain I would not take the plunge, UNTIL the 11th hour… Yes at 11:00 p.m., as the clock was ticking to sign up for B-School 2013, I sat looking at my keyboard- would I hit SEND? I was having a debate with myself- it was a lot to invest if I was not going to make the time, or change the way I was working. I asked myself, did I want to be doing workshops and traveling forever, the answer was clearly no. I never had any business training so if I was going to get some training, with so many people talking about Marie, should I take the plunge? My personal debate waged and finally I knew I had to do it. I hit send and had no idea how much my life was about to change.

B-School gave me an entirely new way to bring my passion and message of creating peace and pleasure for all, thru the transformational power that birth holds in our lives. The way women give birth affects them and their baby for the rest of their lives. The Best-Kept Secret that birth can be joyful, blissful and orgasmic is something that I knew touched the people all around the world, who attended my workshops and came to hear me speak, but I had not thought about how I could bring this to so many more in new and exciting ways. One of my favorite sayings is “Sometime when you come to the edge of all you know, one of two things will happen, you will find there is solid ground below or you will grow wings.” I could feel this leap of faith class-module after class-module provided me with new ideas, challenges, and kept me up late as I worked to juggle my current model and look to how I could make this paradigm shift. It has been an amazing journey, one that I am grateful for, as I have made so many changes, touched so many more people and many have asked me – what inspired you to change? B-School!

I first created a new web site to feature my trainings, retreats and workshops; next I began a weekly enews from both this site and my main site I assessed the many ways I offered my services, and became more focused in my message and thus the services I provide. I knew that B-School for me was peeling layer after layer of old thoughts away and replacing them with new ideas, a new vision for what is possible for me and the way I can share my joy and create a sustainable model of business – an equal exchange of energy and money for us all. Since you are lifetime member once you first sign up I took B-School again the next year. Taking B-School again in 2014 took me another layer deeper, now with a growing subscriber list, both my web sites re-designed, my team growing, I was ready to develop and launch my own online learning via an online childbirth class Pain to Power: An Orgasmic Birth Online Experience! We have just launched our first session our new and exciting interactive experience where expectant women and their partners can can create a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth experience by opening to their bodies and sexuality- releasing their fears and claiming their power!

I am looking forward to doing B-School again in 2015 as I have more ideas gestating each time I go deeper, and learn something I was not ready to change the first time.

I have grown my wings.  I have to smile that I ever doubted B-School as really I was doubting myself and B-School has given me confidence to fly!

Join B-School through our partner link and I will personally invite you to our Birth Your Dreams private group. With monthly chats and check-ins, let’s take the B-School leap together this year! Begin to grow your birth business (or any business) today!