Birth rEvolution
Wisdom and Traditions

Birth Keeper Retreat

Cancun, Mexico
January 17-21, 2024

A unique four day retreat created to bring birth workers from around the world together to awaken to their inner wisdom. 


Sacred Traditions
Comfort Measures
Traditional Massage
Hands-on Practice
Beach Ceremony
Orgasmic Birth


Join us on this journey.

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    4 Full Days of Immersive Learning

    Orgasmic Birth - The Sexuality and Sensuality of Birth

    with Debra Pascali-Bonaro

    Midwifery Wisdom and Traditions

    with Midwives Alejandra Lozano and Beatriz Medina

    Debra your workshop was an awesome experience for me. I absolutely enjoyed every single minute of it. Every skill and new knowledge I learnt will be super useful for my childbirth classes and as a doula I believe they can achieve a richer and more enjoyable/ orgasmic experience in their birth. Thank you for being such a great teacher!


    Mexico, 2018

    Birth rEvolution Wisdom & Traditions

    Welcome Doulas, Midwives, Doctors, Childbirth Educators, OBGyns, Yoga Teachers, Pregnant Women and everyone interested in Orgasmic Birth!

    Day 1: Pain to Power – Tips and Tricks to Find Pleasure in Birth and Beyond – The sexuality and sensuality of birth


    Day 2 : Intuition, Inner wisdom, Rebozo practice and magic! – Intuition the key to connect from traditional medicine


    Day 3 : Orgasmic Birth: Moving from Pain to Power with Comfort and Pleasure – The sexuality and sensuality of birth


    Day 4: Full Traditional Massage for pregnancy , beach day and body activation. Connect with the body through pleasure

    "I absolutely enjoyed every single minute of it. Every skill and new knowledge I learnt will be super useful for my childbirth classes and as a doula I believe they can achieve a richer
    and more enjoyable/orgasmic experience in their birth. Thank you for being such a great teacher!"


    Mexico, 2018

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    Since the birth of her son Mariano, she became passionate about birth, and began her preparation to become a professional and traditional midwife, with the intention that more women have the opportunity to live a respected, pleasurable, transcendental birth experience, with company, trust and love.

    Combining ancestral knowledge from the ancient and traditional midwives of México and Latin America with the most up-to-date scientific evidence to find a balance in the needs of today’s women and to keep the traditional medicine alive.

    Her personal interest is to offer quality midwifery services at low costs so every woman can have the same opportunities, always working as a team with other Midwives and health providers.

    Debra Pascali-Bonaro LCCE, AdvCD/BDT/PDT(DONA) is an inspirational international speaker, author, podcast host and filmmaker, Director of the award-winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret  and co-writer of “Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth” all of which  explore the intimate and sacred sexual nature of birth.  Chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization, Co-Chair for the International Childbirth Initiative,  Debra’s passion comes from her years as a  Lamaze International childbirth educator, and birth and postpartum doula trainer with DONA International .  She has taught and worked with parents, physicians, midwives, nurses, doulas, and students in over 40 countries.  Debra is a featured expert in parenting journals and media around the world. 


    Hello! I’m Beatriz, I have 42 years old, I’m Mother of a 13-year-old boy. I have a Degree in Mexican Folkloric Dance, I’m a Midwife, a doula and massage therapist as a vocation. I was born in Mexico City, I have been walking the path of Toltequity and medicinal plants for several years. My great-grandmother was a healer, she left me this lineage of medicine woman, that is why I decided to walk this path, with all the respect for everything that is sacred.


    Mexican traditions have guided a large part of my life. I accompany physical and emotional female processes, such as menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, fertility, menarche and more, through massages, fertility treatments, sobada, prenatal consultations, birth care, herbal baths, closed with rebozo and more.

    I’m passionate about astrology, Jungian and transpersonal psychology. I love magic, nature and profoundness.

    Founder of “Oma – Holistic Healing Center in Cancun”

    • Certified Orgasmic Birth Practitioner and Doula.
    • Her mission is to reconnect women with their Sacred Sexuality and their Creative Energy.

    I had an orgasmic childbirth. Motherhood completely transformed my life. I accompany mainly woman in their healing journey and pregnant woman to open to the possibility of experiencing a powerful and pleasurable birth.

    Holistic Healing Center located in Cancún, México


    Accommodations at our retreat center are to be booked separately and are not included in our workshop price visit here to secure your space:

    OMA was built with much love by a Mexican artist “Fito”. You will be surprised by all the artistic details it has, and the peace and energy of the place. It’s a pleace where people come to heal and reconnect with their nature.

    OMA is located (time by car): 15-20 mins from Cancun airport, 30 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from the route of the cenotes.

    Sample Daily Schedule (subject to change)

    *times and topics subject to change

    Registration Information

    Our retreat fills quickly – join today for the best pricing and lowest payment plan options. Your deposit of 50% will be applied to the balance, please note it is non-refundable, no matter the circumstances. As soon as you book be sure to purchase travel insurance that will cover your retreat expenses even in the event of postponement or cancellation. Mother Nature and Father Time do not always share their plans. Volcanos, earthquakes, and pandemics have caused our retreats to be postponed in the past.

    *pricing is in US dollar and does not include accommodations

    Birth rEvolution Doula Retreat

    $1,100-1,300 USD/when paid in full
    • 50% Non-refundable deposit books your spot
    • Easy automatic payment plans available
    • Breakfast each day
    • Daily Healthy pleasurable lunch
    • Two Group Dinners
    • Optional Temazcal with the Midwives $25 extra
    • Accommodations booked separately


    If you find it necessary to cancel your reservation, the following cancellation policy will apply:

    Four months (or more) prior: We will refund all workshop funds received, less your deposit and unrecoverable funds from accommodations and other deposits made on your behalf.

    Less than four months prior: A cancellation charge of 50%, as well as your deposit and unrecoverable monies from accommodations and other deposits made on your behalf will be withheld.

    Two month prior: No refunds will be made within 2 months of the start of the event.

    Your deposit is non-refundable, no matter the circumstances. As soon as you book be sure to purchase travel insurance that will cover your retreat expenses even in the event of postponement or cancellation. Mother Nature and Father Time do not always share their plans. Volcanos, earthquakes, and pandemics have caused our retreat to be postponed in the past.

    Common Questions

    When purchasing your flights, the closest airport is Cancun International Airport (airport code CUN). 

    There are many options for arriving to the retreat, including by airport taxi, shuttle or bus. We recommend arriving in the day as prices are more reasonable and either paying your taxi service inside the airport or online (e.g., via Once you have booked your retreat, you’ll receive more information and guidance. Airport transfer fees are your responsibility.

    If you are traveling from outside Mexico, you will require a valid passport. At the time of writing Mexican authorities do not require a minimum period of validity but please ensure that your passport does not expire during the length of your stay. We do recommend having a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure date.


    Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world and is generally a safe place for tourists to visit if you stay within safe areas and your resort. However, at the time of writing, the US government advises tourists to “Exercise Increased Caution When Traveling to Quintana Roo due to crime” so it is important to take common sense precautions against crime.

    At the time of writing, there are no restrictions to enter Mexico and no requirement to carry a COVID test or quarantine on arrival. However, it is mandatory to register on the Mexico Vuela Seguro Platform before boarding and to show the QR code at the arrival airport. Mexico works on a traffic light system of COVID restrictions by state/City. Currently, Quintana Roo is in green traffic light, which means that people can go out without restrictions whilst using common methods of precaution and prevention and some shops and indoor locations still require the use of masks.  For up-to-date information see and for further COVID advice or medical attention you can contact the Mexican Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 hotline on 800 0044 800.

    Yes, it is essential to purchase a comprehensive travel/medical insurance before your departure.

    We will be there to support you with any medical needs if you fall ill, including natural medicine. There are pharmacies, general doctors and hospitals.

    We recommend arriving the day before the first retreat day so you can settle in and become acquainted with the space. 

    If you want to arrive a few days before the retreat to adjust to the time zone, climate and explore the local area. 

    We recommend staying at OMA until Sunday the 21st and then traveling home or to do more exploration. 

    Please book your own accommodations at our retreat center, OMA. 

    January is a great month to visit Cancun as the weather is generally settled, dry and not excessively hot. But it is still generally very warm with average daily highs of 83°F.

    Please bring a reusable water bottle and refill with filtered water. The water in Mexico is unsafe for tourists to drink or brush teeth unfiltered.

    The easiest way to access money in Mexico is via the ATM (at the airport or in Cancun) or to bring Mexican pesos with you or exchange cash at the airport, bank or authorized money exchangers. Banking hours are usually from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday and some open 9:00am to 2:00 pm Saturday. 

    Please be sure to exchange enough money for your first few days as there are no ATM’s close to the resort and make sure to travel with sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your stay. Remember, you will need enough money to cover travel to the resort. However, American Dollars are also widely accepted in Mexico.

    Prior to your trip, please tell your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be in Mexico, as they may cut off your funds for fraud protection if they don’t know you are using your cards in a foreign country. 


    Many stores only accept cash and there are no ATMs in walking distance of the resort. Accommodation, drinking water and most meals are already covered within the price of the retreat so you will just need cash for dining with your new friends on one or two occasions, shopping, extra activities and airport transport.