Promotional Materials for Screenings

Are you interested in showing the movie to your group or class? Learn more about our educational license.
Showing the revolutionary film Orgasmic Birth will give you a splendid opportunity to spread the word about undisturbed birth far and wide. All you need are the pdf files below, paper, and a color printer.
Some of these materials are intended to advertise your screening; others may be handouts or whatever you choose to do with them. Expand your reach to the local press, if you wish, using a press release and whichever other materials you consider appropriate.
We hope you have a wonderful screening and we would love to hear your feedback so together we can take action to improve care for women, men, babies, and families!
Please let us know how many people attended your event and share their reaction to the film, and any suggestions and ideas you may have for the future.
You can contact us at – Love, the Orgasmic Birth Team

For each item below, please click on the link and download the file.

Commercial Printing Materials

The following promotional materials for your screening event are available in two formats: one to be used for commercial printing and one that can be printed from a home computer.

  • “Save the date” postcard
    We suggest that you send these as soon as you have selected a date or dates for your screening.
  • Invitation postcard or in French
    Send these closer to the date of the screening; perhaps three weeks ahead.
  • Blank postcard
    For your own message. Possible uses: to post on community bulletin boards to advertise your event; as a thank-you note to sponsors, vendors, or key attendees after your screening; to suggest to others that they consider hosting a screening because yours went so well.
  • Tickets
    A single page will contain 10 tickets if printed by a commercial printer and 8 tickets if printed on a home printer or print a single ticket. 
  • Poster (English) or in French
    Advertise your screening event to the community. Be sure to include contact information for ticket sales. Posters are also useful for directing participants from parking areas to your site.

Instructions: Supply your commercial printer with the pdf files you plan to use, either via e-mail or by delivering or mailing them on a portable drive or CD. Also provide a text file (or a list, but re-keying will cost extra and introduce possibilities for error) containing all your information, marked clearly regarding which information should go on which piece. Request a proof to check for errors before the final printing. If possible, have at least two people read the proof carefully.

To Print at Home

Instructions: Open the Word file and type your information into the text boxes provided.For best results print on 8½×11–inch white card stock that is perforated to 5½×4¼ inches for postcards and tickets (you’ll be cutting printed tickets in half after separating them at the perforations) and 11×17–inch stock for posters. Print to the highest quality available on your home printer, preferably in color.