How One Childbirth Training Program Grew

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Julie Bonapace, founder of the Bonapace Childbirth Training Program, Pain to Power contributor, and author of the newly released book “Trusting Birth with the Bonapace Method. Keys to Loving your Birth Experience ” (Juniper Publishing) is on a mission: Making birth happier and safer.

By Julie Bonapace

When I first met Debra a couple of years ago, I wondered how I could better impact the birth culture. I wanted to spread my methodology and the results of my research on pain management. Trial and error and a lot of perseverance seemed to be the way to go.

And then B-school changed my life…. Along with learning the fundamentals of growing an online business, building an email list, developing marketing strategies and a website, Marie helped me build my confidence and know that I, too, can make it in the online world.
Julie Bonapace
Now that I have a clear business vision, I’ve hired a great team to help me reach for my goals. We’re developing new offerings, opening new markets and thriving to spread the word on physiology and birth while sustaining ourselves.

Before B-School, I worked hard, really hard. My father, an Italian immigrant who was a successful construction entrepreneur taught us that by working hard, we would succeed. I wondered how entrepreneurs became financially successful. Did they create the business they loved and that made a difference on their first attempt?  Although I have a lot of formal schooling, I never studied business administration, finances and marketing and I came to the conclusion that a lot was due to chance, trial and error, until, I FOUND B-SCHOOL. It literally, changed my life….

Before B-School, trial and error, perseverance and lots of work was my strategy. I had a vision but did not have a clear understanding of what I needed to do to build a more successful business. I was lacking the overall picture and the steps to making things happen. B-School is by far the best investment I’ve ever made towards my education because it gave me the step by step approach I needed. The didactic material is AMAZING (this is also my specialty and I know what’s excellent when I see it). Cheers to all of you for your great work!

When I started B-School a couple of months ago, I dedicated myself to each module, reflecting, writing, practicing and listening until I got it right. I kept up the pace even though I was traveling and giving “Birthshops” in Northern Africa and in Europe. I participated in every call and listened to the audio mp3’s on the plane, in the desert and during my sleepless nights…

Since then, I’ve implemented many strategies (strategic planning, I’ve hired 2 A+++++ employees to help me, continuous user research with surveys to evaluate customer experience, developed contracts, some new products, metrics for the website, planning free material and began building a list, adapted my work to English, etc). It’s now me and “the team”. That feels soooo good. Working through the modules gave me the courage to reach for my dreams.

Well it turns out, it’s not all chance, trial and error. Having the courage to hire A+++ resources has given me more time to be creative. When I started B-School, 2 hospitals were teaching the prenatal program I developed. Parents registered and paid on my website and attended class with one of my trainers at the hospital. Since B-School, the team and I have created a new user experience with lots of great learning material for parents enrolled in our schools. We’ve worked on making their experience more satisfying, tapping into their needs and desires. They now receive loads of bonuses and e-coaching with me, once a month. By the end of 2014 (in less than 6 months), we will have gone from 2 to 10 schools and growing. This concept is great because it represents recurrent revenues that do not deplete me of my energy. We have loads of other projects on the way: e-coaching, e-learning for parents and for health care professionals with continued medical education, etc. LIFE IS GREAT. I’m sending lots of gratitude and love your way. Thanks to Marie and Team Forleo.

Join Debra’s private “Birth Your Dreams” community by joining B-School via her affiliate link and together we can pool our resources together and share and support each other on our journey. There are millions of parents and healthcare providers out there who need our help and as Marie says so well. “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

See you in the tribe.

Love, Julie

Julie Bonapace PhotoMy name is Julie Bonapace and I’d love to share with you my life’s work that consists of helping women and their partner transcend pain so they can feel empowered before, during and after birth.

My background as a pain specialist has taught me that women have two important resources to give birth with ease, pleasure and safety. These resources are neurophysiologic and hormonal. I teach women how to rely on their sensations to guide them.

I’ve developed a comprehensive program for parents that I call the Bonapace program and I would love to teach you some of the ways you can activate these resources during pregnancy and birth.