Our newest baby is gestating and due to arrive early 2015!

We will provide you with the keys to unlock your power, unleash your pleasure and prepare for birth in a way that has never been available online before.

Combining the amazing videos and resources from Injoy Video, Lamaze International and with our Best-Kept Secrets that we have gathered from around the world, you will learn how to transform Pain to Power. We will help you and your partner release your fears, as we provide you with the knowledge and resources you deserve to give birth with pleasure and power!

  • 9 weeks, 9 modules covering Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Newborn Baby and Postpartum
  • 16 Week Private Access to InJoy/Lamaze eclass Birth & Parenting Education Portal
  • 16 Week Private Access to Debra’s Pain to Power website with added resources for pleasurable birth
  • Live (or recorded MP3s) Weekly Q&As with Orgasmic Birth Director and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Debra Pascali-Bonaro
  • Multiple Resources from around the world including 40 Videos, 50 Pleasurable PDFs, weekly class content and introductory video
  • Insight, Tips and Techniques from Leading Birth Experts
  • Stories and inspiration from Orgasmic Birth Parents
  • Great for expectant parents who desire flexible schedule for learning
  • All the resources and expertise expectant parents need to feel safe, sensual, and informed for birth
  • Comprehensive program led by experienced Childbirth Educator
  • Experience Pleasure in Learning when you prepare for birth with Pain to Power!

Join us to learn how to move from Pain to Power!

From Pain to Power - Online Childbirth Experience