Transformation: Midwife to Mother

Birth story Sifra Door Caroline Devulder op 28-04-2017 Sweet Sifra, Your birth story begins on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017. At 00h40 I received a call from your mom telling me that her water broke. I was only asleep … Continued

A Homebirth in Hospital

I always planned a homebirth. My mother had planned for me to be born at home and it always just seemed like normal. But unfortunately due to a haemorrhage after my first was born I felt safer in hospital for … Continued

Preterm Labor and Healthy Home Birth

Alaina’s Birth Story by Cindy Lee Natural Home Birth With No Medical Intervention (4 weeks before due date)   After having a home birth with our first pregnancy, Daniel and I knew we would want to do another home birth … Continued

Birth Memory Stays with us

Sarah Olney –we “underplay the achievements of mothers” in a Commons debate about International Women’s Day. “Although the experience leaves a lasting imprint, it is never fully acknowledged. the memory of childbirth remains with us, unshakeable, un-shareable, but never fully … Continued

Birth is Trust: Birth Story by Lacey Broussard

If I had to describe my unhindered, unassisted homebirth in one word, it would be trust. Being only 23 years old, there wasn’t a lot that I trusted in at the time. I was born and raised in an extremely … Continued

Ecstatic Birth Story

by Sheila Kamara Hay The seeds of my business, Ecstatic Birth, were conceived years ago with my first pregnancy. I desired a birth that would leave me breathless and marveling at my body’s strength, wisdom, and capacity to bring forth … Continued

Gail Tully – Spinning Babies Birth Story

by Gail Tully, Midwife and Spinning Babies Creatrix In 1976, the 200th anniversary of American Independence, I made the independent choice to continue my pregnancy at 16-years-old. Choosing my child was a personal commitment to love and to grow. To … Continued

My Home, Water and Lotus Birth

  By: Dr Gauri Lowe is a mother, a doctor and a woman that empathizes with the journey of being a woman in today’s world. She appreciates the choices we face about birth, parenting and our own and our child’s … Continued

Triumphant HBAC Birth Story

by Samantha  I should perhaps preface this story with the birth story of my first son.   I was a Labor and Delivery nurse by trade, however my frustration with ‘the system’ led me to teaching.  I teach nursing students … Continued

Kristyn Kisses & Sings in Labor & Childbirth

Shared by Kristyn I was 41 weeks 4 days and had, had several bouts of practice labor that never went anywhere so I was growing discouraged. Baby had certainly kept me on my toes between having to be manually turned … Continued