Breech Birth at 43 Weeks

Savitha Kopperla Breech Birth Of One Brave Mamma, and her Breech Birth Story at 43 weeks complete! Rewind: Feb 2015: I helped her birth her footling breech baby girl naturally. In that pregnancy, she got so fed up with the … Continued

Birth as Trust

Note from Debra: My dear friend, Jaqueline Eddaoudi has been on an amazing journey giving birth to five children at home with her 6th is on the way. Jaqueline and I met when she was my translator for a big … Continued

My Dream Team: Birthing with Support

For mothers who are thrilled with their birthing experience, For mothers that are not,  For mothers to be that have no clue what to expect.   By Tanja Nenadovic Vasquez This is the story about my pregnancy and natural, vaginal, … Continued

Transformation: Midwife to Mother

Birth story Sifra Door Caroline Devulder op 28-04-2017 Sweet Sifra, Your birth story begins on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017. At 00h40 I received a call from your mom telling me that her water broke. I was only asleep … Continued

A Homebirth in Hospital

I always planned a homebirth. My mother had planned for me to be born at home and it always just seemed like normal. But unfortunately due to a haemorrhage after my first was born I felt safer in hospital for … Continued

Preterm Labor and Healthy Home Birth

After having a home birth with our first pregnancy, Daniel and I knew we would want to do another home birth with this pregnancy. We thought we would know what to expect… but this time was very different than our first!

Birth Memory Stays with us

Sarah Olney –we “underplay the achievements of mothers” in a Commons debate about International Women’s Day. “Although the experience leaves a lasting imprint, it is never fully acknowledged. the memory of childbirth remains with us, unshakeable, un-shareable, but never fully … Continued

Birth is Trust: Birth Story by Lacey Broussard

If I had to describe my unhindered, unassisted homebirth in one word, it would be trust. Being only 23 years old, there wasn’t a lot that I trusted in at the time. I was born and raised in an extremely … Continued

Ecstatic Birth Story

by Sheila Kamara Hay The seeds of my business, Ecstatic Birth, were conceived years ago with my first pregnancy. I desired a birth that would leave me breathless and marveling at my body’s strength, wisdom, and capacity to bring forth … Continued

Gail Tully – Spinning Babies Birth Story

by Gail Tully, Midwife and Spinning Babies Creatrix In 1976, the 200th anniversary of American Independence, I made the independent choice to continue my pregnancy at 16-years-old. Choosing my child was a personal commitment to love and to grow. To … Continued