We want to feature you!

Join us to remove the shame and misconceptions of getting back to a perfect body after having a baby.  

We want to show how beautiful you are as a new parent.

Whether your baby was just born or is 5 years old, we want to show your power and radiance!

Together, we will normalize and celebrate our post-birth bodies in all of their shapes and forms… 

Share your Story!

We are sharing our stories and would love to feature yours too! 

We’d love to hear how you feel about your sexually as a parent.

  • Did your birth add to or take away from how you feel about your body?
  • Has sex after baby expanded, or become challenging for you?
  • What tips and insights would you share so that others can navigate their own sexuality after having a baby with more knowledge and acceptance.
  • We are talking about what no one talks about.

Join us to birth forward your story to help heal, change and enhance every person’s relationship to their body and sexuality.  

Your story matters!

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