Spinning Babies Goes from Invisible to Visible

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Submitted by Gail Tully of Spinning Babies….  Spinning Babies was driven by the information I wanted to share. You see, some people want a business and need an idea for their business. Whereas, I had an idea that grew to need a business to support it. Spinning in Spinning Babies highlights the ways babies rotate through the pelvis and if, they get stuck, what to do to return birth to normal.

170275_186537791362204_1930940_oQuickly, Spinning Babies experienced a global demand for products and services. Parents, Midwives, Nurses and Doulas turn to SpinningBabies.com for solutions and their stories are marvelous. Labors that were 2, 3, and 4 days long were being resolved in hours, and sometimes only 15 minutes, after the providers tried one of the unusual techniques. Women who’d had 1, 2, even 4 cesareans in the past were now giving birth by their own power. Women who’d had long painful labors were having shorter, more pleasurable births.

Spinning Babies took over my life. I loved it! And yet, in spite of my passion and the apparent mission, I still didn’t know if I was “supposed to do this.” Could something I loved doing also be something God wanted me to do? And most oppressive, was I worthy to do it? Doubt, shame, and an aversion to being noticed was my modus operandi. I tried to present the workshops and keep myself invisible. While the actual presenting was energizing and I loved the people, behind the scenes I was froze from any attention and was even a little embarrassed by my home grown approach!

Debra, Gail and Dr Hartung
Debra, Gail Tully, & Dr. Dennis Hartung at 2013 Minneapolis Birth Symposium.

Meeting Debra is truly a delight in human experience. From the first time I met her 15 years ago, I watched how Debra ignites a group in gracious, invigorating inspiration. With her dynamism, Debra’s motivates charitable organizations and countries to improve maternity outcomes. She is loved by birth leaders around the world for her transformational inspiration and sense of play.

Whatever Debra does is beautifully visible. Could I remain invisible and effect positive change the way she did?  It’s perplexing now to see how I used to struggle to stay out of sight and bring my big message.

Last year Debra mentioned that B-School was about to begin and asked was I going to join up?\\\

Debra said excitedly, “B-school! It seems that every successful business woman I’ve been meeting lately has been through Marie Forleo’s B-School.

What –School?

B-School, its like a charm school for your business. …” Ergh, she lost me. Business. Charm school!  Does she want to expose my invisible self?! I don’t want to treat Spinning Babies like a business and I’m certainly not charming. Yuck.

But wait a minute, Gail, I heard myself in my mother’s voice speaking in my head. This is Debra talking. I tuned back in as she told me the date to sign up was coming up quickly.  She was returning to her second year, and Ursula, our mutual friend from Debra’s amazing Amalfi Womens’ Retreat, was joining, too. “Registration ends in two days.” She encouraged.

Ok, ok, I may be dense but I’m not stupid. Debra Pascali-Bonaro was taking B-School a SECOND time! “There’s never a second payment. You register once and take B-School for a lifetime. And every year there is new material that you may not have been able to incorporate in your first year.”

The next day I thought, gees, Debra’s fantastically busy. I’d recently been able to host her Orgasmic Birth for a public showing. Our birth community filled our local, art deco Riverside Theater (which serves real butter on their popcorn!) for her biggest showing and Debra herself gave a Q and A. Working with Debra gave me a sense of her pace. How could she take time for an online course? And then do it again? One more day to register.

I looked over Marie Forleo’s YouTube station. Whoa! She is the complete opposite of invisible! She is in-your-face-New-Jersey and fearless. Hey Gail, watch it, I said to myself, you have a lot of friends and family in New Jersey. 2 more hours to register.

This is a lot of money. But Gail, it’s money to grow your message. I don’t have to do it like Marie, and what if I were more visible? She may be loud but I like her courage to be in the public! 1 more hour to register.

Debra is taking this class twice. Debra is amazing. I remember the excitement in her voice. It has to be great. Maybe Debra and I would have this to talk about and I could grow with a global presenter. 30 minutes to register.

15 minutes to register.
And Ursula is taking B-School and if I don’t register too then Ursula and Debra will be laughing and chatting about B-School and I’ll still be sitting in my basement next to my dirty laundry twiddling on my old website at 2 am by myself.

11:56 pm. Click. Registered! In!

So here’s what happened next. The 8 modules of B-School held more information than I could track in my schedule. The accountability in B-School is friendly and amazing and so I did 20% – 30% of the homework. At that rate, I wouldn’t have passed my mother’s first grade class. But after Debra reassured me that I could pick up what I missed next year, I quit worrying about it.

Marie Forleo taught me a lot, AND connected me to more people to learn from. She gave me a way of thinking about my message and myself. I began to identify with a new peer group. I knew what Spinning Babies could do but I didn’t honestly have a clue how to take it there. Nothing huge happened in the first few months. But inside, my own personal beliefs shifted dramatically and my soul opened to my mission. The power of commitment rose and totally transformed my approach. The excitement of just that wakes me up every day!

Gail swimming in the Mediterranean while experiencing Debra’s Amalfi Coast Trip.

As the first year from B-School rounds off, my repainted basement now sports three desks (we’re cozy!). My two independent contractors become full time employees next month. I’ve spoken on 4 continents, announced the first Spinning Babies World Confluence for September 2016, and started a pilot program with 6 Spinning Babies Approved Trainers to teach the workshop, released two videos (ok, they were already in the plans, but I was now smart enough to say yes to a snappy young marketing person whose learning curve impressed me so much that she’ll be one of the full time employees). By the time you read this our new site will have taken its first breath. Oh, yes, and maybe most hilarious, I’ve reinstated my salary!

You see, it’s not just the fantastic materials that Marie Forleo presents, but it’s the expansion in belief and peer group as well! A new mindset is the necessary element to success. Identifying with visionary peers, upward movers, is like gas in my tank. I am a bolder more connected me. And the business part of it? Treating Spinning Babies as a service business is a creative challenge that nurtures my mental growth and enriches social circles. Plus, I get to support two other working adults! I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s an honor to serve at this level and a joy to be free to express my talents through Spinning Babies as my true mission in life.

Who else do you know going to B-School this year?  Are you going to let them go without you? Hurry up! Click!

Debra is a proud partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School! Sign-up thru Debra’s Affiliate Link and receive ALL her special Bonuses including Birth Your Dreams Invitation.

Gail TullyAbout Gaily Tully… After 20 years with a small homebirth practice and organizing active community doula program development in hospitals and non-profits in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Gail is now devoted to developing Spinning Babies and her other areas such as Belly Mapping and Resolving Shoulder Dystocia. Gail became a CPM in 2000 and still enjoys being called in to stalled labors and breech births.