Staying in Your Power in Birth and Life

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What are you doing to Birth your Dreams?

For some of you staying in your power is the preparation you are putting into birthing your baby (babies) and for others like me, it is using our creative energy to birth forward our wisdom, insights, services, products and grow your birth business. I love helping you Birth your Dreams in both ways.

As I’ve shared before B-School rocked my life and those of my friends and colleagues, Julie Bonapace, and her Bonapace Method, Gail Tully and her Spinning Babies program, and Sheila Kamara Hay shares how B-School helps her to bring her message of Ecstatic Birth to the world. “That one idea, brought forth TWICE the amount of money B-school cost. I signed up and never looked back.” Read more from Sheila. B-School continues to help us grow, and be inspired!

Marie says learners are earners! Are you ready to learn and earn?

B-School is a lifetime membership that each year provides new pleasurable insights and helps me bring more pleasure to you!

I hope if you are still on the fence and wanting to find more power and pleasure in your personal and professional life that you will check out Marie’s Free videos then if it’s right for you, join B-School thru my Partner link. When you do, I will invite you to our private Facebook group, Birth your Dreams where we will share our dreams, challenges and lift each other higher. We have monthly Mastermind conference calls to personally connect and offer each other support and inspiration. I am all about connections, creating a circle of support in birth and life makes a difference! I would love to invite you into my inner circle!

My biggest B-School baby to date has been the birth of our Online Childbirth Classes – Pain to Power. Time after time when I was moving to the next level or facing a hurdle I would review Marie’s modules to hear new things that I had not been ready to hear or learn the first time. B-School takes you deeper and deeper each time. If you are expecting a baby, or know someone who is, our new online childbirth classes will guide you to find pleasure and power in birth and beyond. Sign up to receive more info and our free gifts!

If you are looking to create a more flexible lifestyle, to work from home or anywhere, then check out B-School. It’s only available once a year, but once you join you have access to the modules forever, don’t miss this years opportunity to move into your power!

I look forward to going thru B-School with you this year as we go deeper into Birthing Our  Dreams.

On behalf of our O-Birth team, and myself we look forward to supporting you to claim your power, feel your pleasure and enjoy every aspect of birth and life whether B-School is right for you or not. One of my favorite quotes is to begin each day with an “attitude of gratitude” and YOU are part of that daily gratitude!

Thank you for being a part of our tribe, Please share with us how you find power, inspiration and pleasure in birth and life, we would love to gather and share back you top 10 suggestions.

Debra is a proud partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School! Sign-up thru Debra’s Affiliate Link and receive her special bonus Birth Your Dreams Invitation.