Undisturbed Birth, Life’s Gift to Me

Elena is a doula & I was thrilled when Elena joined my Birth Your Dreams – B-School affiliate group and today am thrilled to share her birth story – enjoy!

By Elena Piantino

My 4th birth, at home. Finally all the pieces of the puzzle where there for me. I was educated and healthy, I had witnessed some beautiful births, I had worked through my fears and I had chosen the “set of risks and compromises” I was comfortable with. (I know I am a “thorough” learner).

So there we were, waiting. I started some contractions late at night but the thought of being tired during birth did not sound appealing and I decided to sleep. So I did, and things stopped. The next morning was a hectic Saturday morning with kids and visitors coming and going, so the few contractions I had seemed to shy away from the commotion. My mom made us a yummy lunch and then we sat down to watch Monthy Python’s ‘The meaning of Life’. I wanted to laugh. I did. About 40 mins in to the movie I got really tired and went for a nap. I needed some peace and quiet.

Soul & Smarts
“One of the most helpful things I took from Bschool was the ability to be choose with where and how I invest my energy. How to let go of those little things that take up a lot of time with little or no results and how to really invest my heart and soul in creating the main frame that will support the rest of my work for years to come.” – Elena Piantino, Birth Your Dreams affiliate

A couple of hours latter my body was ready. Woken by contractions I lit my lavender essential oil, got my ball and rebozo and hummed and rocked through my romantic Norah Jones playlist. Time dissolved. And I loved every sensation I had. The more I relaxed the more I loved it. I barely remember my mom and husband checking on me while I danced the birth dance.

4887_115155385827_5799122_nEventually I made my way through awesome orgasmic contractions to my tub. There, I knelt or floated most of the time. I talked to the midwife at some point. She was on her way. Suddenly I felt my baby put her feet on my ribcage and push herself forward. I grunted loudly and stretched. Alerted by the sound my husband and mom stopped watching the soccer world cup match and rushed in. Daniela was coming. I moved legs and hips to find my comfort and allowed my body to push. I showed my husband (who had the MW on the phone) that her head was there and crowning. The head slid out followed by a pause while the shoulders got in position and with the next surge she was born. I held her close to my face and fell in love all over again. By the time Michelle, MW arrived, (20 mins after Daniela) I felt heaviness, and with a small cough the placenta was in her hands. Daniela was so pink and beautiful. No cries, just a few lovely sounds and curious eyes. We made our way to my bed for the rest of the process. She took to the breast fast. Bliss. We talked to the family and had something to eat and drink. Soon we were sleeping with the new babe between us. My memory? It was awesome, orgasmic, peaceful, insightful, and surprisingly easy and hard work. I am grateful I was not interrupted, or checked; My rhythm and my connection were just as they needed to be.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.05.37 PM I remember meeting Elena Piantino, Birth Your Dreams Affiliate, many years ago when she was a new doula. Originally from Mexico and married to a wonderful Swiss man (I love the partners and husbands of birth workers – including my own – as it takes special people to support our passion, and hours). Elena has offered her multi-lingual ability to help us add French subtitle Orgasmic Birth. Not long after we met, we were visiting each others home and families and sharing our doula passion and vision for MotherBaby care around the world. Elena is a Doula and Doula trainer, Hypnobirthing practitioner. Birth keeper, speaker. She is the Founder and director of Formation Doula Suisse Romande – the official Doula training in French speaking Switzerland. Elena was born and raised in Mexico where she finished her university degree in communication sciences and has been living in Switzerland for the past 18 years with her husband and 3 children. I had shared with Elena, at various Midwifery Today Conferences, that I had joined Marie Forleo’s B-School and found Marie’s ideas and guidance invaluable! As birth keepers we often struggle with the business side of things & how to spread our message and how to tackle the “M word” – yes, marketing, but Marie makes it possible! Learn more about building your birth business.

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