Positively Prepare for Your Birth

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I’ve had the honor of teaching parents, doulas, medical, midwifery, nursing students and maternity care providers around the world and now I am here for you! 

If you are looking for more personalized support and one on one time to discuss your birth plan or to expand your birth practice join me for a personal birth coaching session.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn personalized tips to prepare for a pleasurable birth experience.

I will answer your questions and provide you with tips to understand your choices and decide what is best for you. 

Our session will be recorded so that you will have the opportunity to return to it whenever you need more inspiration to guide you.

I can’t wait to support you to positively prepare for your birth.

“Debra helped me navigate through the lengthy medical choices, jargon, and thoughts that brought up all my fear, and we turned it into excitement and magic. We're not designed to do it alone, and with Debra's presence, I was so prepped, ready, and grounded in who I am. I had a very difficult choice to make (baby's head was not going the 'right way') and Debra helped me move through it MIRACULOUSLY so I birthed naturally and with a breech orgasmic birth! Our orgasmic breech birth was the best thing in the world, a tribute to this work, and to life. She is AMAZING, she's the birth coach of your dreams. Her approach is real, based on science, and works if you want an orgasmic birth like I had!"
-Dr. Amanda Noelle
"Debra has an incredible presence and it was a gift to learn from her. I'm eternally grateful."
"Debra is a humble, wise teacher whose presence alone affects you. She has extensive knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for MotherBabies. She is deeply committed to empowering a woman's trust in her powerful capacity to birth naturally, and yet she holds an open space of non-judgment and deep listening to support any mother's preference for the type of birth she feels is best for her."
- Jenny
"Debra, you have a gift in educating and your presentation style is engaging, loving and intellectually superb."
- Simmone