Introducing the film that started the pleasurable birth movement...

Discover what’s attainable from giving birth naturally as seven women and their partners share their most intimate moments.

“It’s every woman’s human right to have a pleasurable birth. It all comes down to how you define it. I define my orgasmic birth as a heightened sensation – that moment of release & feeling your baby slide from your body into your arms. I think that every birth has that orgasmic element.”

-Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Director

Change how you think about birth...

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“I felt that this was a good introduction to exploring the possibilities of having a positive birth experience. It dissipated a lot of my fear and made me feel more relaxed and confident about the birth process.”
-Jess, Amazon Verified Customer
“Orgasmic Birth is a fantastic film about creating a space for a woman to labor and birth with privacy, respect, support and confidence so that her body is able to release the hormones, which nature so wonderfully designed, leading to a more satisfying and even pleasurable birth experience…Women can enjoy birth and this film definitely may serve as a roadmap to get there. Babies deserve the most gentle entrance as well. Enjoy!”
Eight9zen, Amazon Verified Customer
“This is an excellent documentary! It is very needed and powerful to see a different kind of birthing experience. I thought it was very valuable to know that my birth of my son could be sensual and wonderful. I loved this documentary.”
-Amazon Verified Customer 

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Introducing the film that started the pleasurable birth movement!

7 Couples share their most intimate moments of giving birth.

  • Learn about the risks and dangers of the overuse of medical/cesarean births
  • Discover the benefits of a safe, sexy, orgasmic birth.
  • Follow the stories of real couples as they experience giving birth naturally


Be guided to transform Pain to Power with the science of pleasure!

Receive the film, our book, and all of the information you need to be positively prepared for birth. 

  • Essentials for a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Tools you need to prepare for a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth experience.
  • Comfort techniques, birth story inspiration and our book and film.
“This course is a must for any woman who wants to be part of the new paradigm of birth that transforms pain and fear into power and pleasure. I found Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s guidance invaluable as I prepared for the birth of my daughter.”
Kate Northrup
Author, Money: A Love Story

meet the director

Hi, I'm Debra Pascali-Bonaro

I’ve been teaching childbirth education and training birth professionals for over 30 years in over 40 countries.

I train thousands of parents, doulas, midwives, doctors and nurses in the safest and most pleasurable ways to support a healthy, empowering birth experience. All over the world the highly medicalized birth model is creating challenges that have gone too far and can put you at risk instead of keeping you safe. Change is happening but not quick enough.  

Don’t leave your birth to chance.

Watch my film or join my online childbirth course which includes my film, my book and exclusive videos, tips and workbooks. I will give you access to the information you will need to understand your choices and decide what is best for you and your baby.

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Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas and Continuing Education Units. 

Learn the Essentials of Childbirth in preparation for your doula workshop, dive deeper and receive continuing education units for recertification, or learn more about our course to recommend to your clients. 


Birth, Postpartum and Advanced Skills Workshops and Retreats.

Join DONA Doula Trainer, Debra at her annual Eat Pray Doula Retreats in Bali or find a training closer to home. 

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