Do you offer a product, service or have a blog that enhances comfort, pleasure and/or supports people to positively prepare for birth and parenting?

If you have a product or service that is evidence based and is inline with our beliefs about pleasure, physiological birth, sexuality, birth justice, breastfeeding and positive parenting, we would be honored to collaborate with you.

Sponsorship Levels

Social Sharing

$ 499
  • Social Media post on Orgasmic Birth Instagram
  • Social Media post on Debra's Instagram
  • Social Media post on Orgasmic Birth Facebook
  • Social Media post on Debra's Facebook

Podcast Sponsor

$ 499
  • Audio ad on podcast
  • Sponsor details in show notes
  • Sponsor details on blog feature
  • Sponsor details in dedicated newsletter

Dedicated Email

$ 749

A dedicated email will be sent to our full mailing list featuring your product that increases pleasurable birth, pregnancy and postpartum.

Packages available for those intersted in mutiple posts, emails and sponsored podcast features.