From planning your unique birth experience to reconnecting with your sexuality after birth — whether you are a first-time parent or planning your third — our programs offer exactly what you need!

Our comprehensive and interactive digital programs are designed to give you the education, tools, and resources that will empower you to make decisions that align with your desires, guide you through the transition into parenting, and support healthy, happy relationships in your life as a parent.

And you can access them right from the comfort of your own home!

I believe you deserve to feel connected to your body, your baby, and your partner. I want you to feel nurtured, respected, and fully informed.

Science confirms that there are safer and healthier ways to birth our babies gently. Whether you would like a natural birth or will need technology – we will guide you to learn all of your options to create a safe, satisfying birth in any setting.


If you want to be informed, inspired, and empowered to choose your place of birth, care-provider, and understand the options that are right for you and your baby – Pleasurable Birth Essentials: Transform Pain to Power is right for you!

"The course was by far the best investment we made in our preparation of the birth of our first baby, as it left us not only informed but inspired, empowered and open to all possibilities. And now that our baby daughter is here, I have my own powerful home birth story to share!"
- Asta Rudzinskaite

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One on One Birth Coaching

Let’s connect one on one!

I’ve had the honor of teaching parents, doulas, medical, midwifery, nursing students and maternity care providers around the world and now I am here for you! If you are looking for more personalized support and one on one time to discuss your birth plan or to expand your birth practice join me for a personal birth coaching session.

"Debra has a truth about her that I wish we could bottle and give out to people everywhere. The world is a better place for me at least, since I was privileged to learn from this magnificent woman. She is one woman who imbues everything she says with a grace and love that I have never seen in anyone else in my life, all without being anything other than completely reasonable and sensible."
- Ricky

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Sex life vanished since having a baby?

Missing the intimacy you had with your partner now that you are parents?

Finding it hard to feel sexy?

In our signature 9-week class, Debra offers her lifetime of wisdom working with new parents to guide you with her simple actionable steps that will turn your struggles into opportunities for more love, fun, and SEX! ​

Join Debra and an intimate sisterhood for this journey into your sexuality! Learn how to heal your body and any trauma you may have experienced prior to or during birth that is blocking your ability to connect with your partner. 

Develop a practice of pleasure to nurture yourself so that you can feel your radiance in all aspects of your life — parenting, relationships, work…

“With great love, science, and experience, Debra jumps inside the most challenging parenting problems and presents easily workable solutions. Yes! You can not only have a great sex life, but a better sex life than ever before, and still be a wonderful parent!”
Regena Thomashauer
Founder and CEO of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Author of the New York Times bestseller, "Pussy: A Reclamation"

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Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference

Join Debra Pascali-Bonaro and 23 Leading Birth Experts to gain thoughtful education, practical advice, and powerful tools that will transform your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Find your own Orgasmic Birth Doula!

Are you looking for a practitioner that supports your vision of a gentle, pleasurable – orgasmic birth?

The demand for highly-trained natural birth practitioners is growing rapidly.

Find your provider, or visit here to become a recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner yourself!

Introducing the film that started the pleasurable birth movement!

Joyous, sensuous, and revolutionary, Orgasmic Birth brings the ultimate challenge to our cultural myths by inviting viewers to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through birth. 

Learn about the risks and dangers of the overuse of medical/cesarean births and discover the benefits of a safe, sexy, orgasmic birth!

Get 40% off our Orgasmic Birth Film and receive
“How to Have a Big O Birth” with our 5 Essential Tips for Pleasure!

(exclusive guide not available anywhere else)

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