Extended Breastfeeding: The Freedom of Personal Choice

The larger a child grows the more a mother will be subjected to the judgment of others, and this can push some to give up on breastfeeding earlier than they otherwise would. 

Despite the World Health Organization recommending that breast milk can make up a part of a child’s diet for two years and beyond, it is rare to see Mothers make it past six months in western countries. 

But why?

The Myths and Stigmatism of Breastfeeding

Unsolicited parental advice has probably been coming your way since the day you announced you were pregnant right? While it can be well-meaning, the fact is that many people are just…. Well, wrong. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are spoiling your baby
  • Your breasts will sag if you keep doing this
  • Aren’t you worried that she relies on you too much?
  • Won’t his teeth his grow sideways!

None of old wives tails have any factual basis.

Intimacy of the Mother and Baby Bond

When we look at the issue through this lens would you let well-meaning outsiders get in the way of your own bonding time with your baby?

Probably not!

You will benefit just as much as your baby does, both physically and mentally from extended breastfeeding. These are benefits based on scientific research, not old wives tails:

  • The highest quality Nutrition
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Improved Brain Development
  • Reduced risk of arthritis, diabetes and some heart conditions and types of cancer
  • Lower Risk Of Postpartum Depression
  • Accelerated Weight Loss
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Take Control

You should continue to feed your baby for as long as it feels right to do. Being influenced by outside factors is unfortunate and way too common, and what you miss out on you can never get back.

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