What if birth could be one of the most ecstatic, pleasurable and positive experiences of your life?

Our new ebook will guide you through the ABCs of Orgasmic Birth, how to use pleasure as a tool for birth and a bonus real-life orgasmic birth story.

“There is no one better than Debra to present the topic of Orgasmic Birth. Honouring the passage of birth and becoming a mother. Women need to hear this message now, it’s time to see birth in a new light.”


What is Orgasmic Birth?

“For the next 2-3 contractions, every fibre of my body was tingling, the waves felt all bubbly as they rippled through my body. I was on a total sensual high. my womb was buzzing. it was different to a sexual orgasm, it was much more of a sensual experience. a feminine, arousing, delicious orgasmic birth.” -Shalome

“Debra has such a wisdom about her due to her many years as a birth worker, educator and activist and she gave us so much more to think about when it comes to birth. Birth is not just a physiological process, but a spiritual one as well, which can be euphoric and pleasurable. If we reach within ourselves and find that essential power and belief we can all achieve anything.”