You are a parent!

But are you also…

Missing the intimacy you had with your partner?

Finding it hard to feel sexy? 

Wanting to reconnect and engage with your partner?


Being a parent is not the opposite of being a lover. 

You can be both.

  • Introducing the...

Sex After Baby Signature Class

  • Based on the #1 Amazon New Release,
    "The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love & Intimacy

Sex After Baby gives a real, unedited perspective of what it’s like after birth. Most people that have given birth will relate to this book. It is very validating and I hope people will read this before their birth so they can know what to expect. What you’re feeling is normal and you’re not alone!”

Ciarra Morgan, TLDC, HBCE

What’s included

  • 9 actionable steps to more fun, intimacy and love.
  • LIVE calls weekly for 9 weeks / Mondays from 1:30-2:30 PM EST
  • Private recordings of all calls for participants to enjoy again
  • Weekly custom PDF journal worksheets
  • Free copy of the #1 New Release, "The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love & Intimacy"
  • And we are offering 50% off during these challenging times

What you’ll learn

  • Why sex is slipping away and what you can do about it? 
  • Parenting tips and resources to save you time and energy
  • To enjoy your new body and all it’s changes
  • How to communicate with your partner about your needs so they hear you
  • To bring more fun and intimacy into your relationship 
  • New Ways to feel sexy and express your creative energy

Join Debra to talk about what no one is talking about!

"I am so honored to be part of the Sex After Baby class experience! Debra is an exquisite doula and pleasure guide for us all. She truly honors each one of us where we are, and holds our stories and personal experiences in reverence and love. I feel so inspired from our time together and in knowing that these women are my companions on the journey into sacred sexuality and fully embodying our radiant pleasurable selves. I feel BEAUTIFUL … I feel more alive and joyful, and more clear on how to dissolve blocks to my own pleasure, heal emotional wounds around sexuality, and gift myself greater respect, beauty, and joy in place of these fading obstacles. I deeply appreciate the attentiveness and fullness of presence that Debra brings to every class as she guides us into authentic & fulfilling connection with our sexuality, ourselves, and our partners. She is lighting the way to healing for mothers and sexuality, and for partners craving intimate connection that INTEGRATES their identities as new parents. This experience has been so expansive and life-changing for me, and I am thrilled by the increasing depths of my abilities to give and receive pleasure in ALL areas of my life. This is way beyond the bedroom, folks!"

Work with the Author, Debra Pascali-Bonaro

World renowned childbirth educator, doula trainer and global inspiration speaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro offers her lifetime of wisdom working with new parents to guide you with her simple actionable steps that will turn your struggles into opportunities for more love, fun, and SEX! ​Yes, even after having a baby.

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  • Participation is limited to a small group of people that want to invest in a happier, more satisfying relationship with themselves and your partner.
  • What will it cost you not to invest in your relationship?
  • Join for more fun, sex and love
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