What a wonderful word!

I love the reaction I receive when I say the word clitoris. At our Eat Pray Doula retreats in Bali, Ibu Robin Lim has us all yell clitoris every time we take a group picture.

Yes we count to three and yell “clitoris” and the pictures captured are always amazing – every person shining and laughing.  I have brought that tradition to my Birth Day Presence doula workshops in Brooklyn, NY with the same wonderful results.

You can see it now that you look, can’t you? 😂   

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As I’m always trying to learn more about pleasure, bodies, and ways to make birth more orgasmic, I was so excited when I stumbled upon Sophia Wallace’s TED talk on Cliteracy. It had me smiling and saying – Yes, Yes, Yes!!

When were you told about the clitoris? 

😲 Did you know that the penis has 3,000 nerves and the clitoris has 8,000?

🥰 Did you know that the clitoris’ only purpose is for pleasure?  (There is no other organ that has the sole purpose of pleasure!)

💃The clitoris grows throughout a woman’s life

More amazing facts at HuffPost 

Understanding the pleasure and power of the clitoris is an important tool in having an Orgasmic Birth.  

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