A Euphoric Fast Home Birth

by Julie Birth Coach @ Raising My Mini's

On the eve of turning 41 weeks I went to bed with my husband who was sure I was going to give birth the next day, which happened to be my birthday.

Earlier that morning I had went to work like normal. I was feeling lots of pressure during my work day and I for sure went to the bathroom about once an hour in my 8 hour shift. Following my shift I decided to go home and take a walk with my daughters to the park and see if any real contractions started. I kept feeling lots of pressure that afternoon but nothing seemed very promising. After giving birth to my first 3 children around 39 weeks, going past that precious “due date” was a little strange to me. But I decided not to get myself down about going past 40 weeks, I was letting this baby choose her due date. It was out of my hands and I wasn’t willing to let anyone else tell me to let medical professionals help in her entrance to the world. I was trusting my body and my baby would know when she was ready for the world. 

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Back to that night. I went to bed about 730 with my husband. He works very early mornings so this was normal to us. I was happy to have gone to bed when I did because I woke up at 10:30 with what felt like a very real contraction. I didn’t want to rush into thinking this was real because I have been fooled before so I made myself fall back asleep. If this was real labor I would want as much rest as I could get knowing I would benefit the most from it when it is time. After 50 minutes of solid contractions happening every 10 minutes I decided to get up and try to take a bath to calm myself down. I also figured if this wasn’t real the contractions would stop, and if it was real they would continue. I did not expect them to become more intense and begin closer together-but that’s just what happened. I was in the bath for only 3 minutes before a contraction came on so strong that I decided the water was not helping me feel better and I needed to get out to listen to my hypnobabies birthing track.

I stood up and took a quick shower and I felt my contractions come on stronger and they seemed closer yet I wasn't timing them anymore since I was alone in the shower.

I got out of the shower and had a strong urge to poop. I thought this was a sure sign I was in labor since I have read about emptying your bowels can be a sign of real labor. After I tried laying on the couch to calm myself and to enter my hypnosis. I was unable to get enough time to truly relax and enter hypnosis so I decided to walk through some of the contractions. It was about 12:30 by this time and I had been in labor for 2 hours. My shortest labor was 5 hours but I was also induced so I figured my body may take a little more time to labor on it’s own. 

Boy was I wrong, after another few contractions I decided to call my mom because I would feel better knowing she was in my home and I could leave at any time to get to the birth center. She was excited and ready to come, but she lived 30 minutes away so I knew it would be a bit before she came. I called her at 12:51 AM. Then I felt it; I had the urge to poop AGAIN. So that’s just what I did.

At 1:07 I decided to wake my husband. I wanted to make sure one of us was well rested thru this.

 If he was rested it would benefit me in the long run. I let him know I was in labor. He asked if I knew how far apart my contractions were and I told him I hadn’t timed them, but I was sure they were close and probably close to a minute in length. He told me to start timing and jumped in the shower quickly.

And then I felt it again, a third urge to poop! I ran upstairs as quick as I could manage and plopped myself on the toilet. I had my phone with me as I was timing them and decided to call my Midwife. Of course it’s not the Midwife to pick up but someone who wants to take my info down and will then transfer me to the Midwife. Through some grunts and a slight scream I was able to translate to the nice gentleman my name, birthday and what I was feeling (as if he couldn’t tell). He transferred me as quickly to the Midwife and right as she picked up I felt the urge to push again. I swore I had to poop, but nothing was coming.

My Midwife talked me through breathing and my contraction, it was the most relaxing feeling I had in the last 2 and a half hours of labor.

Then another urge to push with my Midwife on the phone and my water broke! Right there on the toilet. This was probably only a few minutes total although it seems like much longer in the moment. At 1:07 AM I woke my husband, at 1:10 AM I called to talk to my Midwife, right after my water broke I reached my hand down to feel the baby’s head declining. At that moment my husband shows up and asks me what is going on. I throw him the phone and tell him to translate and that I am cradling the babies head in my hand. 

He tells the Midwife this and she urges us to hang up and call 911. She says not to get in the car and to get the the main level in a comfortable place to birth this baby. That’s just what we do. I am able to get to the second step before having to sit and hold back birthing my daughter on our steps. He tells me not to stop but my body was telling me to. After the contraction I am able to get to our main floor bathroom and I jump in the tub.

My husband has been on the phone with dispatch telling them my wife is in labor and the baby will be here any minute.

They were sending whoever was available. My husband opens up our front door hoping that whoever comes will know to just come in the house. Just as I jump in the tub a woman Police Officer shows up at our home. Bless her heart she was as helpful as one could be but she told me to calm down unaware that this baby was going to be born in the next contraction. I had held her in for too long and at this moment I did not need to be calm and wait I needed someone to catch this baby. I ripped off my nightgown feeling as hot as ever.

Then my husband’s fight or flight instinct kicks in as I tell him I feel a contraction coming and that I need someone to catch the baby as I felt too weak to do it. He jumps in the tub behind me and tells me to push which is just what I did. At that moment 2 Fire fighters show up to witness my husband catching my daughter and lifting her up for the world to see. Not a drop of blood ended up on my husbands clothes or feet which to me is hilarious and amazing!

The moment I pushed her out was the most euphoric feeling I have ever felt.

 I laid in my tub holding out daughter knowing that I did it all on my own. At 1:19 AM is when they called in the birth of my daughter. Less than 3 hours I was in labor.  When we trust the process and our bodies, amazing things happen. I am coming up on the year of this birth and it still gives me chills to recall that time. I am so happy to have been given the knowledge and the support of women who share the same values as me.

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