Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training

Our world is changing.

As a birth practitioner, you see this every day.

We are experiencing a global shift away from the over-medicalization of birth.

And with that shift, the demand for highly-trained natural birth practitioners is growing rapidly.

Women are no longer accepting birth as a “condition that must be treated”.

They seek a more gentle, natural — and yes, orgasmic! — experience.

And that’s why we’ve created the

Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training Program!


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    We know that trauma in birth has life-long effects on both mother and baby. 


    We also know that there is another way… 


    For more than 30 years, I have traveled the world and been present for thousands of births – from hospitals to yurts, beautiful and orgasmic to painful and tragic, I have seen it all.


    I watched as hospital births became the norm and women became just another patient, and I have been witness to the ways that this has negatively impacted so many families, and ultimately, our entire world.


    The unfortunate reality is the inequities in healthcare have had a deep, lasting impact.


    But there is good news… 


    Women are awakening to the need to return home to themselves and their innate ability to do that which is most natural — give birth — without unnecessary medical intervention.


    However, as they say, “It takes a village”, or in this case, an educated, compassionate team to support mama and baby in having the best possible birth experience.


    And that’s why you’re here…

    To be an Orgasmic Birth Practitioner is to:


    Remove the shame and stigma associated with birth as an orgasmic experience.

    Call forth the divine feminine power that has been shunned away.

    Give voice to women who have been silenced.


    Be an advocate and active participant in bringing forth change and removing the inequities that exist in the medical field when it comes to birth and postpartum.


    Be a leader in the return to the way birth was meant to be.

    You’re here because you have felt called to this work… 

    Are you ready to answer the call?

    Join the waiting list

      Here’s what our program participants are saying…
      “I am completely enamored by what we have been learning so far in the program!”
      "I’m leaving each class feeling more in tune with my body & understanding my pleasure in more ways."
      "Engaging, healing, transformative!"
      "Take the opportunity to reclaim past, present, and future birth experiences with the support of a community of birth workers who stress pleasure over pain and stress!"
      “Insightful, not superficial!”
      When you join the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Program today, you will:
      • Gain a deep understanding of the connection between birth and sexuality so that you can clearly communicate the benefits of Orgasmic Birth to your clients
      • Feel confident to share how sexual healing, openness, and processing of barriers will lead to more pleasurable birth, postpartum, and overall sexual health
      • Become a sought-after birth practitioner with the tools to help your clients overcome their fear, move beyond pain, and reach orgasmic births

      Join us now and be part of the shift back to a more natural, gentle birth experience for the benefit of mother, baby, and the world!

      Here’s what’s included in the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training Program:

      Four 90-Minute Live Sessions with Debra + Two Live Q+As

      Three 60-Minute Live Sessions with Top Leaders in Birth & Sexuality

      Access to the Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference with 24+ expert interviews

      Access to 10 + pre-recorded Guest Expert Sessions immediately

      Private online WhatsApp Group for ongoing conversations and support

      Access to the award-winning film, Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret

      Digital copy of Debra’s book, “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love & Intimacy”

      Opportunity to become an accredited Orgasmic Birth Practitioner after qualifying attendance & skills verification

      Invitation to Orgasmic Birth Practitioner exclusive events and retreats

      Join our waiting list and be the first to learn when our Program opens again!

        Our Schedule

        Defining Orgasmic Birth with Debra
        Birth Ambiance: Creating safe and pleasurable space with Debra
        Q & A with Debra - Discussion around Healing Birth Trauma
        Hormonal Physiology of Birth + Sex with Dr. Sarah Buckley
        Sexual Beliefs within Religion/Culture/Family with Debra
        Anatomy of Birth: The Role of the Clitoris in Labor with Margaret Jowitt
        Comfort & Pleasure Measures for Birth with Debra
        Human Sexuality with special Midwife Elizabeth Davis
        Sex after Baby: 9 Pleasures with Debra
        Teachback session with all participants
        “Debra teaches from the heart, sharing the science and wisdom she has learned as an international birth worker. She’s on a mission to give birth back to women and their families through her innovative course.”
        Julie Bonapace, M.Ed. author of The Bonapace Method, Trusting Birth
        “With great love, science, and experience, Debra jumps inside the most challenging parenting problems and presents easily workable solutions. Yes! You can not only have a great sex life, but a better sex life than ever before, and still be a wonderful parent!”
        Regena Thomashauer, Founder and CEO of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts Author of the New York Times bestseller, "Pussy: A Reclamation"
        “Debra’s life work is to reframe today’s widespread belief that birth is frightening, dangerous, and painful. In everything she says and does, Debra models the joy, pleasure and empowerment that is available in birth. Let her show you how to prepare yourselves for the rewards of giving birth.”
        Penny Simkin, PT, Author, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Counselor

        Learn from Top Leaders in Birth & Sexuality

        There is so much more you can offer your clients when you go beyond what traditional Doula/birth practitioner training programs offer.

        At Orgasmic Birth, we know that it is imperative that women be supported before and well beyond labor and birth.

        They desire and deserve to be led on a journey of love and pleasure, from creating their unique birth plan to adjusting to their new life as a mom — without losing who they are as a woman and sexual being.

        We also know that birth is not just a physical experience… 

        It is emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

        To make sure you are equipped to support your clients in this unique way, our program includes a monthly, live 60-90 minute learning session with a top leader in birth and sexuality.

        Some of our previous guest teachers include:

        • Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth
        • Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, MD., FACOG
        • Yanique Bell
        • Dr. Sarah Buckley
        • Tammy Ryan
        • Rachel Gross
        • Margaret Jowitt
        • Midwife, Elizabeth Davis

        These sessions cover topics like:

        • Birth wisdom of the ancestors – your families and your birth story – being born
        • Healing yours and/or your families birth trauma 
        • When survivors give birth 
        • The hormonal physiology of birth and sex 
        • Sexuality within culture, religion, family 
        • Sex and Birth: two forbidden topics together 
        • Birth Ambiance: creating intimate, safe, private, undisturbed space
        • The science of pleasure – Pain to Power with Pleasure 
        • The sounds of birth/sex – connection of throat to vagina – opening the throat chakra 
        • Comfort Measures, positions, birth balls, peanut balls, CUB  
        • Clearing ancestral blocks that create limiting belief systems, stuck patterns, and toxic emotions 
        • Honoring traditional wisdom 
        • Emotional well-being in labor/birth, postpartum 
        • Body Image pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond
        • Divine Feminine and birth
        • Sexuality – the anatomy of birth and pleasure 
        • And so much more!

        Becoming an A Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner

        As a member of the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training Program, you are invited to become A Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner. 

        At Orgasmic Birth, it is our mission to help fill the need for qualified, compassionate birth workers so that more women can give birth in any setting or situation with love, dignity, and respect. We want families to feel confident when choosing their birth team. To support this goal, we offer you the option to receive the acknowledgement of A Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner.

        You can receive this acknowledgement by attending sessions, contributing to and honoring how we are all learning together. Once you complete a core number of our calls and demonstrate your desire and ability to hold space and include Orgasmic Birth into your practice, you will receive the acknowledgement as A Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner.



        Why become A Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioner?

        Recognized Orgasmic Birth Practitioners … 

        • Will be listed on our Orgasmic Birth website where we will provide referrals to inquiries about Orgasmic Birth educators and doulas
        • Will have access to use our films, retreats  and resources at member-only discounts. 
        • Will be part of a private community of like-minded practitioners learning and supporting each other
        • Will have the ongoing opportunity to work directly with Debra
        • Ability to represent Orgasmic Birth (TM) at events and media

        This acknowledgment is only open to members of the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training Program who have completed the program requirements. 

        Our path to Recognition is simple:

        First, you must have certification or affiliation  as a doula, childbirth educator, or midwife from a national or internationally recognized organization.


        You must attend at least 4 live calls with Debra and provide a teach back session. 

        Recognition Renewal Requirements:

        • Participation in ongoing quarterly calls for all who are recognized as OBP to share and stay connected
        • Review of skills every 3 years


        The program is open just a couple of times per year. Join our waiting list and we will share when enrollment opens. 

        • Our platform, Thinkific can be used on any platform

        You must have certification or affiliation  as a doula, childbirth educator, or midwife from a national or internationally recognized organization.


        Sessions range from 11 AM ET to 1 PM ET, with the occasional evening session. All calls will be recorded. 

        You’ll have access perpetually

        • Our program include a private whatsapp with Debra and the group, as well as live calls. Debra is available for questions via email

        We will refund your fee if you attend the first two sessions live and feel that this program is not a good fit. 

        We offer scholarships for those that identify as BIPOC and have a financial need

        • First, you must have certification or affiliation  as a doula, childbirth educator, or midwife from a national or internationally recognized organization.
        • You must attend at least 4 live calls with Debra and provide a teach back session.
        • Participation in ongoing quarterly calls for all who are recognized as OBP to share and stay connected
        • Review of skills every 3 years

        We will provide your information to those that reach out for referrals and include you information on our Orgasmic Birth Website.

        About Me, Debra Pascali-Bonaro

        I’ve spent the last 30 years traveling the world as a childbirth educator, doula, and doula instructor.


        Now I want to share with you all the essential knowledge that I’ve picked up along the way – my secrets, my tools, and the inspiration for my work.


        Being a birth practitioner is an act of compassion and love. Everyone who enters this field of work does so from a desire to provide support to women at their most vulnerable moments.


        A quick story about what brought me here… 


        I was one of the “lucky ones”. I was privileged to be able to take the time to educate myself when I was pregnant. I knew that I had the power within to give birth the way that I had intended to and I was determined not to let anyone put me down physically or emotionally.


        After my son’s birth, I started to reflect upon my experience in birth and began to question why so many people accept our broken system as it was and go along with the assembly line of generic interventions, wanting to trust the process yet feeling inside that something was wrong with it.


        I was inspired to provide relief to this issue, and so I became a childbirth educator. My role as a classroom educator evolved, and soon families began to invite me to attend their births.


        I quickly learned that I had become a doula, and was part of the beginnings of the doula movement. I became one of the first DONA approved birth and postpartum doula trainers teaching parents, doulas, midwives, doctors and nurses around the world.


        I have seen firsthand how current practices in birth often create pain when there are so many simple ways to reduce pain, making natural birth a much more feasible option, which is why the work I do as chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization and co-chair of the International Childbirth Initiative: 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care is so important to me. 


        I have learned that by taking away the power of birth, and by putting women in beds and hospital gowns, stripping away their ability to move, dance, and find joy in childbirth we have not only made birth more difficult, and more painful, but sadly we are missing out on an amazing opportunity to birth ourselves and our babies with respect, dignity, love, pleasure, and creating a heightened physical and emotional experience – one that I call Orgasmic!


        Statistics have shown that we have pushed the limits of what technology can do for us, and now we know the many short and long-term consequences for Mother-Baby and Family when we use drugs and surgery when they are not needed.  


        It’s my greatest desire to spread this knowledge by making it more accessible, and that’s why I created the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Training Program!


        I am on a mission to help fill the need for qualified, compassionate birth workers so that more women can give birth in any setting or situation with love, dignity, and respect.  


        Come and join me and allow me to guide you on this sacred journey… 


        With sincere love and pleasure,


        In childbirth, systemic racism is the root cause of disparities leading to higher maternal mortality rates for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). 

        We believe doulas help to create a more equitable, respectful, maternity care system.

        We want to support and amplify BIPOC voices and support every person to have a safe, satisfying, and pleasurable birth and ensuring doulas can access continuing education and training is an essential step. 

        We are offering a number of BIPOC Scholarships to doulas at 50% rate. 

        If you are an individual who identifies as a BIPOC and has a financial barrier to join our membership, we welcome you to apply for our scholarship.

        Please submit a 1 minute video or letter addressing the questions below:

        • Tell us a little about yourself 
        • Do you identify as BIPOC?
        • Why would you like to be a part of our Orgasmic Birth Practitioner community and become a practitioner with us? 

        Our scholarships are reserved for BIPOC individuals with financial need. If you are not a BIPOC, we have payment plans available.

        Submit your entry and/or questions to:

        Diversity, Inclusion and Equitable Care

        At Orgasmic Birth our mission is to provide information, education, and support for all birthing people. We are dedicated to equitable care, anti-racism, and anti-oppression and we actively work for birth justice.  We advocate for every person’s right to respectful care, to understand all options, and participate in informed decision-making.

        We also understand that many people are survivors of sexual or emotional abuse and that birth as a part of our sexuality is a time to facilitate healing and reducing/removing shame. We celebrate diversity and honor each person’s culture, religion, and traditions.

        Through understanding our past, learning, healing and expanding our vision, we believe every person has the human right to a safe, satisfying, pleasurable/orgasmic birth and the right to parent with love. 

        Terms & Conditions

        If you attend the first two live calls and feel that this course is not a good fit, we will provide you with a full refund.  When participation is cancelled all rights to use Orgasmic Birth (™) on your website, in your materials and in social media as an Orgasmic Birth Practitioner is also terminated.

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