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Our Orgasmic Birth Practitioners...

Understand that birth is not something that happens to you, but something you get to be a part of and facilitate. 

Open the conversation to remove the shame and stigma associated with birth as an orgasmic experience.

Call forth the divine feminine power that has been shunned away.

Give voice to women and birthing people who have been silenced.

Are advocates and active participants in bringing forth change and removing the inequities that exist in the medical field when it comes to birth and postpartum.

Become leaders in the return of birth to the way it was meant to be.

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Sharmila Devi Iyyandhurai

Salem, Tamilnadu, India

“Orgasmic Birth is something every mother and practitioner should know to make this world a better place. It all starts with birth!”

Sharmila is a childbirth educator empowering expectant mothers and their families to understand the process of birth better, and supporting them by showering them with love.  

Her journey to become a doula began when she realized many mothers needed strong support and more love to stay on their birth plan. She believes all women are strong and capable of giving birth beautifully but need the right information, support, and a person who doesn’t judge and understands the journey of pregnancy and labor. 

She believes that a new era of love and peace is going to bloom. As she always say “Birth is the Beginning of all” and she is passionately working towards it!

  • Child Psychologist
  • CBT Therapist
  • Doula
  • Orgasmic Birth ™ practitioner
  • Founder @mothers.heritage
Facebook: @sharmila.iyyandurai

Cate Moll

Denver/Boulder, Colorado, USA​

“Birth is not something that happens to you, it is something you get to be a part of and facilitate.”

Cate is a birth doula in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado (USA) area.

She is a graduate of Naropa University with two degrees, one in somatic psychology and the other being contemplative neuroscience. With this background, helping others become intimate with their somatic experience and the myriad of nuances it holds, has always been something that has been what she calls her “nerdy, sweet spot”. Having the opportunity to do that while helping a birther through their journey is an absolute dream to her. She is confident in each birthing person’s instincts and she puts all of her energy into making sure their innate power is honored. No matter your birth preferences, Cate will admire you endlessly for it. Her goal is to educate her clients on all their options while making sure they feel safe, empowered and at ease. “This is a birthday party, not a procedure that is happening to you, let’s make birth enjoyable together!”

Instagram: doulala_birthsupport

Ekaterina Baranova

Guatemala city, Guatemala

“Part of my life vision is to contribute big to creating a society where birth, and a role of pleasure, including sexual pleasure, in it, is no longer a taboo but rather a subject of high importance everyone is encouraged to ask questions about, and where most women enjoy their birth experience throughout, come out of it with a deep sense of awe for their body, nature, and life itself, and look back at the day they birthed their children with an immense sense of joy and empowerment.”

Ekaterina is a birth doula and educator fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. She serves her clients in all three languages in person and remotely. Katerina considers herself lucky to have encountered the information about the possibility of Orgasmic Birth™ in 2011, before the conception of her children. This knowledge allowed her to prepare ahead of time and have a wonderful experience birthing both of her children. These experiences inspired her to become a doula and birth educator in 2016, an Ecstatic Birth™ practitioner in 2017, and an Orgasmic Birth™ practitioner in 2023. She is committed to lifelong learning about everything that helps life: sexuality, health, mindset, and communication, and takes a lot of pleasure in teaching women and helping them to create birthing experiences that are joyful and make amazing memories they want to keep all their lives.

The focus of her current work is on changing our current world birth culture – which is dominated by fear and violence – into a birth culture that is centered around honoring women and that recognizes the nature of women’s sacred function and the importance of a birthing mother’s pleasure and psychological well-being. This passion is reflected in her vision for a Mariposa city project she is a founder of, and in dedicating her time to creating courses for birth practitioners in Russian and Spanish, languages in which information about Orgasmic Birth™ is still not as accessible as in English.

BA in Psychology (St.Petersburg, Russia)
MA in Communication Studies (Kansas, USA)
Birth Doula and Birth Educator
Ecstatic Birth™ practitioner
Orgasmic Birth™ practitioner
Nonviolent Communication trainer
Founder at

Instagram in English: @birthwithpleasure
Instagram in Spanish: @birthwithpleasure_es
Instagram in Russian: @birthwithpleasure_ru

Work with Orgasmic Birth™
Founder Debra Pascali-Bonaro

"Learn from a leading expert in the field of birth. A gifted storyteller, a loving spirit, with 35 years of experience pouring into your knowledge and the power to move into birth is more than you could ever imagine. She fills you up with joy and love, and it's impossible to not be captivated by her lessons on birth and what is possible. We got way more than our money's worth from Debra's and I would not have wanted to learn with anyone else!"
Director, Author, Podcaster, and Founder of Orgasmic Birth

Debra is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer with DONA, Co-chair of the International Childbirth Initiative, and Chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization​.

Debra offers private birth coaching to a limited number of clients each month. She’s had the honor of teaching parents, doulas, medical, midwifery, nursing students and maternity care providers around the world and now she is here for you!

If you are looking for more personalized support and one on one time to discuss your birth plan or to expand your birth practice join Debra for a personal birth coaching session.


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