Orgasms for the win!

I am honored to be included in Kelly Hoover Greenway’s article this week in Romper recently – “5 Benefits Of Orgasm During Pregnancy You Need To Know About!”

“If you haven’t heard the term “orgasmic birth,” don’t worry, you’re not alone. Until I spoke with the woman at the forefront of the movement, Debra Pascali-Bonaro (doula trainer, Lamaze educator, director of Orgasmic Birth, and more), I hadn’t either. But after our conversation I was left feeling pretty disappointed I didn’t know about it before the birth of my two sons. The idea here is that “the same hormones you produce during orgasm are produced during birth.” We have this idea that childbirth is a horribly painful experience full of cursing and screaming, but Debra is trying to shift that narrative and show women that “birth is part of sexuality. When you bring your sexuality to birth you provide more comfort and pleasure.” read more

​Kelly’s interview came at the perfect time, as I am currently in Austria with my special doula friend Angelika, who hosts me for a doula workshop each year. My morning routine includes listening to a special audiobook while walking to town for a coffee. I am always looker for ways to go deeper into sexuality and birth so I’ve recently been finding books on female sexuality.

I’m loving reading more about closing the pleasure gap between male and female orgasms in “Becoming Cliterate” by Dr. Laurie Mintz.

I have long spoken about female sexuality and childbirth and how essential it is to explore our cultural, religious and family beliefs around sexuality, as well as work on any healing we might need. When we have prepared for the wholeness of birth – physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually – we can expand fully into all that is available in birth.

Merging into the oneness of ourselves and expanding wide in birth can be the same as orgasm. That OMG moment where all else dissolves, our mind leaves worries, fears, judgement behind and we feel the divine within and all around. Essential in childbirth is to let our mind go and dive into our intuitive inner wisdom …this allows our hormones to flow, and our minds to move into the same altered state of consciousness we feel in sexuality. What better way to prepare for birth than to explore ways to experience orgasm?

If you agree and would like to join me in reading “Becoming Cliterate” by Dr. Laurie Mintz, I’d love for your join me as I share a series of Instagram Lives chatting about this very subject!

As Dr. Mintz says “Language is a reflection of culture” – and those that know me well know I have long called for a new healthy language for women’s bodies and childbirth. We need to abandon our current language which includes negative and illness based wording. Together let’s create a NEW language for our bodies, sexuality, and birth and ditch all the negative.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the Benefits of Orgasm in Pregnancy and Becoming Cliterate!

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