The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby by Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Sex life vanished since having a baby?

Missing the intimacy you had with your partner now that you are parents?

Finding it hard to feel sexy? Being a parent is not the opposite of being a lover. You can be both.

World renowned childbirth educator, doula trainer and global inspiration speaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro offers her lifetime of wisdom working with new parents to guide you with her simple actionable steps that will turn your struggles into opportunities for more love, fun, and SEX! ​Yes, even after having a baby.

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“This book is a must-read!! Debra Pascali-Bonaro has created a book that will be a life changer and game-changer for all new parents. With great love, science, and experience, Debra jumps inside the most challenging parenting problems and presents easily workable solutions. Yes! You can not only have a great sex life, but a better sex life than ever before in your marriage, and still be a wonderful parent!”

You will learn

“A love letter to the beauty and complexity of female sexuality; with love, compassion and gentle humor this text gives women the courage required to redefine their sexuality after becoming mothers – for themselves as well as their partners. Debra reminds us that enjoyable sex is possible for all new parents who work toward it. All you need is an open heart, good communication, patience, and a little bit of imagination.”

- Angela Sloan -

Birth Doula & Writer

“The warmest, juiciest, most inviting deep dive into the power of sex, pleasure and connection after having a baby with tips, tools, and spicy stories to take parenthood and sex to the next level!”

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“I am so honored to be part of the Sex After Baby class experience! I feel so inspired from our time together…I feel BEAUTIFUL…I feel more alive and joyful, and more clear on how to dissolve blocks to my own pleasure, heal emotional wounds around sexuality, and gift myself greater respect, beauty, and joy in place of these fading obstacles. I deeply appreciate the attentiveness and fullness of presence that Debra brings to every class as she guides us into authentic & fulfilling connection with our sexuality, ourselves, and our partners. She is lighting the way to healing for mothers and sexuality, and for partners craving intimate connection that INTEGRATES their identities as new parents. This experience has been so expansive and life-changing for me, and I am thrilled by the increasing depths of my abilities to give and receive pleasure in ALL areas of my life. This is way beyond the bedroom, folks!”

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