The Science Behind Doula Support

by Neve Spicer, We the Parents
The birthing process has changed dramatically over the years. What was once considered to be a natural and healthy process was turned into something that was almost feared. Hospitals and doctors took charge of the procedure, placing the mom-to-be in a sterile, foreign, and cold atmosphere. This process undoubtedly left the mother feeling isolated and anxious. We have since begun to move away from this type of birthing process and back into a more supportive and nurturing style of childbirth.
The medical and scientific community now backs doula-support. The emotional and physical support that is received from a doula during the birthing process is almost immeasurable. The simple idea that someone is truly there for them in every aspect can make a mother feel less stress and anxiety, which results in higher self-confidence and resilience.
Studies have shown that a mother who is in a relaxed state during labor is more likely to have a stress free delivery. This type of labor means that she is less likely to have a cesarean, or experience difficult labor that requires an epidural and the use of instruments. In turn, the baby will experience a stress-free birth into the world, which has been shown to result in a higher Apgar score.
Fortunately, the scientific community is finally catching up with what many of us already knew. There has been an overwhelming amount of studies with findings that are backing up the importance of having doula support during labor. These include fewer birth complications, reduced labor time, a decrease in pain levels, a boost in early breastfeeding scores, and positive mother-infant interaction. WeTheParents demonstrate the importance of 17 evidence-based benefits of doula-support.         

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