The Woman Behind the Film

I can’t explain exactly why I was always fascinated with birth, but ever since I was a young girl, I loved listening to the birth stories of my grandmother and great-grandmother.

When I was a teen, I volunteered as a candy-striper at a hospital in hopes I could peek inside labor and delivery, and I eventually went to college for nursing solely to be able to practice in labor and delivery.

During my time in nursing school, I quickly became exposed to the medicalization in the field and became so disillusioned that I left college to become a ski instructor, followed by a career as an international flight attendant. I thought this career detour would lead me somewhere else and at first, it did.

I eventually enrolled into McGill University in Montreal. As a means to continue my exploration of the world, and so that I could travel for free, I participated in an educational exchange in Sussex, England with a work/study program teaching skiing to children in Scotland.

Eventually, my journey came full circle.

I graduated from McGill with a Degree in Education, and I was eight weeks pregnant with my first son.

My rekindled passion for birth took form during that pregnancy, and my preparation for the birth finally brought all the stories and passion I had about it into action.

You can hear my birth story inside our programs – so I won’t spoil it here, but I will tell you that I took the time to educate myself when I was pregnant. I knew that I had the power within to give birth the way that I had intended to and I was determined not to let anyone put me down physically or emotionally.

After my son’s birth, I started to reflect upon my experience in birth and began to question why so many people accept our broken system as it was and go along with the assembly line of generic interventions, wanting to trust the process yet feeling inside that something was wrong with it.

I was inspired to provide relief to this issue, and so I became a childbirth educator. My role as a classroom educator evolved, and soon families began to invite me to attend their births.

I quickly learned that I had become a doula, and was part of the beginnings of the doula movement. I became one of the first DONA approved birth and postpartum doula trainers teaching parents, doulas, midwives, doctors and nurses around the world.

I have learned that by taking away the power of birth, and by putting women in beds and hospital gowns, stripping away their ability to move, dance, and find joy in childbirth we have not only made birth more difficult, and more painful, but sadly we are missing out on an amazing opportunity to birth ourselves and our babies with respect, dignity, love, pleasure, and creating a heightened physical and emotional experience – one that I call Orgasmic!

What I have experienced while attending births has been both challenging and yet filled with so much joy.

The media and often medical teams only ever talk about pain which causes fear and perpetuates more pain.

There is love, joy, ecstasy, release, power, bliss and waves of expansion in birth. I hear sounds, movements and expressions that make even partners smile and say, “I recognize that look and that sound” – confirming that birth sounds sexual. 

Midwives around the world have long known that birth is a part of a woman’s sexual life. How can it be that we move a baby through our uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva, open our labia, and the baby hits the G-spot, and we don’t ever talk about how birth is part of our sexuality?

The hormones of birth and sex are the same and require the same conditions – privacy, safety, and feeling of being unobserved to flow.

I’ve supported women using traditional comfort measures and witnessed them bearing their pain and often transforming it into pleasure.

I was fortunate to learn these comfort techniques and traditional tools used for birth from midwives I met attending births around the world in Mexico, US, New Zealand, Netherlands and Bali, and from my mentor, Penny Simkin.

I soon discovered that we had lost many of these traditional practices as well as the ancestral knowledge of how to make birth safer, shorter and more pleasurable.

I knew I had to reframe the language around birth and reintegrate these traditional skills back into the world which eventually led me to create my award-winning documentary, Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret and shortly after, our book Orgasmic Birth.

“I won’t stop until we heal our broken maternity care system and the good news is that we are starting to make and see changes”

I have seen firsthand how current practices in birth often create pain when there are so many simple ways to reduce pain, making natural birth a much more feasible option, which is why the work I do as chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization and co-chair of the International Childbirth Initiative: 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care is so important to me.

I have a unique ability to work at both the grassroots level with parents, doulas and communities as well as with the grasstops level with Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Administrators, Ministries of Health and at the United Nations.

Statistics have shown that we have pushed the limits of what technology can do for us, and now we know the many short and long-term consequences for Mother-Baby and Family when we use drugs and surgery when they are not needed.  

It’s my greatest desire to spread this knowledge by making it more accessible, and so now I am available to work with you too!  

I am here to guide you to give birth in any setting or situation with more love, dignity, and respect.  

Join me so that you can Positively Prepare for Birth with Pleasure!

Come and join me and allow me to guide you on this sacred journey. Let’s have fun as I will inspire you to learn how to connect more deeply to your natural ability and to find pleasure in birth and life!

With sincere love and pleasure,