by Louise
Photo: Arctic Moon Photography
I was induced at 39+6 due to severe Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). My Obstetrician requested that we present to the hospital at 3:30pm on Wednesday the 22nd of May. When I arrived at the hospital, my midwife and OB decided on a Foley bulb induction as my cervix was very soft and favourable. The bulb was inserted, which lead to contractions beginning and within an hour it had fallen out as I was 3cm dilated (just as my midwife assured me it would). When my contractions stopped, I went to bed and had a nice sleep ready for my baby to be born the following day.

At 6am on the 23rd of May my waters broke however contractions did not commence.

After a discussion with my midwife and OB, at 9am I was placed on Syntocinon.
I had been preparing for my birth using Hypnobirthing practices. I put my lavender oil in the diffuser to remove the “clinical hospital smell” and to help calm and centre myself. 

My affirmations played in the background and I used my breath to get through each contraction. 

By 11am when the contractions really started to ramp up, I went to the shower in an attempt to bring some relief to my lower back. I made the decision at around 11:30am to have an epidural; which unfortunately was patchy and didn’t work as expected and by 12:00pm, had still brought no relief.

I fell back to using my hypnobirthing practices, telling myself to breathe through each contraction rather than letting myself get upset and tense. I genuinely feel that this mindset is what allowed me to have such a peaceful and wonderful birthing experience.

I climbed onto all fours and leaned my top half over a beanbag for support. My body told me to sway my hips back and forth and I gave in, listening to every cue that I was being given.

Just as I felt like I was starting to lose control and couldn’t possibly do it anymore, I came to the realisation that I was in the transition faze... which meant that I was nearly there!! I could do this!! My body was taking over and doing everything necessary for me to birth my beautiful baby.
Photo: Arctic Moon Photography
Just before 1pm I had the urge to bear down, my babies head was crowning but at no point in time did I feel the need to hold my breath and push until I was blue in the face. Thankfully my amazing midwives respected me enough to stand back, allowing me to take on this beautiful journey on my own. “Breathe and your body will do what it needs to do” is what I was repeating in my head. At exactly 1:00pm our beautiful baby girl Sadie was born.

It was honestly the most beautiful and calm birth out of all three of my labours.

Photo: Arctic Moon Photography

Thank you Louise for sharing your birth story!

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