Michelle and Rodrigo weave together the story of their beautiful birth – what they describe as sacred.

See their beautiful birth ambiance and how together they created a safe environment with love and connection to the ancestors.

Michelle danced and moved her body during birth and in our video she shares her deepest feelings about how she followed her instincts to open to birth with intimacy.

Rodrigo talks about their confidence that came from all the inspiration they received and from having a doula.

“you have a connection with your baby, it was amazing.”

After the birth, they share their cord burning ceremony too. It is truly something to see, as we have an opportunity in every birth to bring traditions, connection and sacredness to the first minutes and hours.

Orgasmic Birth changes you, hear how Michelle and Rodrigo feel about what they learned and how they see life in new ways.

We hope their interview and birth story will inspire you too.

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