When you were planning to give birth, how many choices of location did you consider?

1, 2, 3?

I am always reminded of my dear friend and colleague Roberta Scarer’s quote, “if you don’t know your options you don’t have any”.

Today I share with you a birth story from the coast of Japan. Keiko, the birthing mother will amaze you. Keiko, her husband and children chose a magical setting under the full moon, in the sea a day after a Typhoon on an island. Knowing her body and what she needed to gently and safely give birth to her baby she carefully chose her midwife, and the location that would enhance her connection to nature to facilitate a gentle birth.

I first met Keiko when she came to hear me speak about the  International Childbirth Initiative: 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby Family Maternity Care in Tokyo, Japan in 2019.  I was so surprised to meet her with her newborn baby, her husband, Yujiro, her midwife and 2 older children who all drove hours to come meet me. After my talk, she shared pictures and her birth story with me. I was in awe of her power and strength, and her desire to be so connected to nature that even a day after a major Typhoon she found the perfect place in the sea to allow the waves of nature to guide the waves of her body to birth her baby. Together with her whole family watching, their gentle support and her midwives’ wisdom and care.  I hope you will be as inspired and honored as I am from meeting Keiko, her family and seeing her birth in the sea. What a gift she is sharing now with you her birth video, that I hope will inspire you to see the magic of birth and open your heart to carefully consider where the right place for you is to give birth safely, with love, respect and care.

I have so much gratitude and love for Keiko, and thank her for sharing her birth story and deep trust of birth with us to guide other’s to find their place of birth and their own magic with the sacredness of birth.  We hope this holiday season you will make time to watch and share your comments with Keiko and us after you watch her birth story, share with me where you’d imagine the most blissful birth. 

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