Dawn Leonard is a womb healing practitioner who has devoted over a decade to the art of healing the womb space, including both the physical uterus and the energetics of the “second chakra”. Her journey began with fertility and has since led her through a range of experiences, including pregnancy, birth,, menstruation, ceremony, and energy healing. Dawn specializes in the initiatory experiences inherent in the body of a woman or person with a uterus, and her passion is to empower others on their own journey towards womb healing.

Welcome Dawn 

In this episode:

  • Dawn Leonard shares her empowering journey with her feminine, cyclical nature and two home birth experiences
  • Daily pleasure practices like yoga, meditation, and breathwork are discussed as ways to prepare for a gentle birth
  • Dawn shares how she used Chinese medicine, yoga, and dreams during pregnancy and how she sought emotional support from friends and family
  • Why safety is an important factor in healthy sexuality and successful birth and discussed the relationship between the nervous system and trauma in that context
  • Birth is considered to be an initiation that requires preparation, space holding, and integration, as women’s bodies are primed for initiatory experiences such as menarche

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare for birth by having a daily pleasure practice
  • There are many life skills that help prepare for a gentle birth, such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, mantras, and relaxation
  • It is important to have a positive relationship with one’s feminine cyclical nature to create a community that is growing into positive, balanced relationships with their bodies and each other
  • Finding stability can make a big difference in life
  • It’s important to feel safe in your body for a positive birth and healthy sexuality
  • Birth is an initiation that requires preparation, space holding, and integration

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