3 Unexpected Benefits of
Positively Preparing for Birth

Over and over again I hear from women and men preparing for their first birth that they have chosen the closest hospital and provider out of ease.

They feel that it’s the easiest option for the time being, and that in the future, they will devote the time and energy into researching all of their options for place and provider for their birth.

What they don’t realize is that every birth matters to the parent and baby. 

Did you know that your birth outcome greatly corresponds with your provider and place of birth, and not just your health? 

If a low-risk person chooses a birthplace/provider with a high rate of interventions and cesarean birth, their birth is more likely to be medicalized which can leave a lasting impression and make future lower intervention births even more elusive. 

Take time to consider how your birth may impact your memory, your sense of self and how your experience with birth can enhance or diminish your postpartum sexuality.

So why does preparing for birth matter? 

Here are my Top 3 Reasons why positivity preparing for birth is positively necessary

1. Positive life long memory: Birth is a day you will remember and reflect on the rest of your life.

When you are pregnant, birth may seem like so many other experiences that are just a one day event – important but not something to spend large amounts of time and energy planning. I hear again and again “you will birth the baby in a day and raise them the rest of your life”, or that how you give birth does not matter, only that MotherBaby are both healthy. I once heard a doctor say “cut ’em out, suck the baby out or push the baby out – all that is important is that they come out safely”. We know, and science shows that how we give birth does matter. You deserve both health and well-being. It’s not enough to survive, all birthing people deserve to thrive as well.

Think about all the effort you put into planning for a wedding, graduation or special celebration. Often there are months of plans, preparation and research devoted to making that one day as special as possible, to be remembered forever in a positive way. I believe your birth deserves the same preparation – or even more research and preparation as it affects you, your baby, and your life in so many ways moving forward. Birth memories are some of the most powerful memories you will create in your lifetime. They can fill you with joy, love and orgasmic bliss to be cherished all your life, or for too many people leave you feeling a loss, sadness and tragically, research is showing that up to 18% of people suffer symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), when well-being is not considered as important as health.

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2. Greater Power and sense of self 

I always say, ‘there is power in birth and it’s up to you to claim it or give it away!’

A positive birth memory requires 3 things:

1. That you feel respected by every person
2. That you are part of decision making, and
3. That you have all the support you desire.

I call this staying in your power.

When you choose the right place and provider, have the support team you desire, and have the respect and care from all around you, you’ll have the opportunity to navigate birth in a way that honors your desires, beliefs and safety. You will emerge from birth feeling a greater sense of self. As Tricia says in our documentary, Orgasmic Birth “I am so Proud of myself!”

You too should be proud of yourself!

Birth is a leap into the unknown – labor an opportunity to discover new aspects of yourself and your strengths. Birth is a magical journey designed to have you birth your baby and yourself as a powerful mother/parent. Don’t let anyone take your power away!

3. Better sex

Imagine this difference…

Fully prepared for birth with a clear understanding of all that is happening throughout, surrounded by caring and respectful providers, a supportive birth team and in charge of all decision making throughout the process.


Confused and in the dark about what is happening throughout birth, surrounded by providers and a team that makes decisions without your understanding, consent or consideration.

I can guess which makes you feel good – which makes you feel like you matter, and are powerful.

When you feel powerful your body feels differently too. You can experience opening, pleasure and expansive love in a deeper way. When you open fully to birth, physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually, your relationship to your body is changed forever. When you’ve positively opened to birth and all of its experiences, you will feel expanded sexually in your life after giving birth. Many people discover a deeper love, intimacy and connection and that is what I wish for you.

Birth will impact your life long memory and feelings about yourself and your sexuality.