How much do you know about the cervix? If not much, then you’re not alone. Listen in as we unlock the mysteries of this wonderful organ that plays a role in childbirth. In this episode, Debra welcomes Olivia Bryant to talk about the cervix and how it can be an organ of pleasure. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience pleasure during pregnancy and childbirth. The key to unlocking this opportunity is to explore your body, do your sexual healing work, and practice making space and calming down. This conversation opens up a new perspective on the importance of pleasure in childbirth and parenting

Olivia Bryant is the founder of Self: Cervix, a movement to reclaim the cervix as a powerful organ of pleasure and orgasm.

In this episode:

  • Cervix is an organ of pleasure and orgasm. It moves during your cycles – it moves further up during ovulation and drops down quite low during your bleed.
  • The cervix’s purpose is to hold sperm and act as the uterus’s gatekeeper.
  • The cervix is profoundly intelligent as it is a birthing organ and is most connected to the brain in the pelvic anatomy.
  • Some people may have difficulty in the highly sensitive area of the cervix feeling orgasmic initially.
  • One can expand their pleasure by embracing where they are, being curious, and loving what is present.
  • Check out free resources on Olivia Bryant’s website –
  • Olivia discusses the importance of first getting in touch with the cervix and learning to be present in the pelvis before beginning more advanced practices such as de-armoring and conditioning oneself to feel pleasure.
  • De-armoring is a process of exploring and feeling areas of numbness and pain, which helps to condition the tissue to receive safe touch.
  • Olivia tackles the importance of honoring the first current, which is the downward current of orgasm. This is necessary for orgasm to occur.
  • Understand that you have the right to empowered consent and that your voice deserves to be heard.
  • To experience pleasure during pregnancy and birth requires a safe and  private environment
  • People should touch their cervix before and during pregnancy, which can help create a more pleasurable birthing experience.
  • She also recommends practicing touch for pleasure throughout pregnancy and birth and suggests that people learn to make space and relax during sexual activity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contrary to what we’ve been told, the cervix is sensitive
  • When something is not spoken about, shame easily corresponds
  • Healing and opening to pleasure begin with addressing trauma
  • Celebrate and enjoy whatever is pleasurable for you
  • Stay curious about your own body and admire it
  • The cervix may be the most traumatized part of the body
  • Take ownership of your pleasure and experience
  • Receiving safe touch requires being relaxed
  • Healing from pain and gaining empowered consent are important
  • Realize that you have a voice, and it deserves to be heard
  • Touch your cervix, if you haven’t already done so
“Your doctor will most likely say, ‘Oh, your cervix is supposed to be numb,’… Actually, your cervix is profoundly sensitive. And it is most connected to the brain than any other part of your pelvic anatomy. And it makes sense, right? It’s a birthing organ, it makes sense that it would be profoundly intelligent.” – Olivia Bryant
“Whatever is pleasurable for you, celebrate it, embrace it.” – Olivia Bryant

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