If only we had studied birthing closely by listening to women, we would have created a more positive view of childbirth.

In this episode, we are joined by Margaret Jowitt to talk about how familiarity with a woman’s anatomy could greatly impact one’s experience of childbirth. Clitoris’ role in reproduction is often disregarded but with proper understanding and technique, it can actually ease the intensity of labor and make up for a positive birth experience.

Ever since the birth of her third child in 1991, Margaret Jowitt has been working towards making birth a safer and more rewarding experience for mothers and their babies. After a first degree in music and psychology, she gained an MPhil from Keele in 1998, researching Mothers’ Experience of Birth at Home and in Hospital. Her first book, Childbirth Unmasked, looked at the anatomy and physiology of birth, showing how stress hormones conflict with birth hormones. Since 1996 she has edited Midwifery Matters, the magazine of the Association of Radical Midwives.  She has also authored Dynamic Positions in Birth. She considers that prevention is better than cure and believes that good midwifery care based on the needs of the individual woman is the key to safer childbirth. 

In this episode:

  • Listening to women and their experiences is the first step to familiarizing ourselves with childbirth and making it better 
  • The clitoris is not only for female sexuality but it plays a huge role in the reproduction

Key Takeaways:

  • We are not taking enough account of the 3D nature of birth. We could learn so much more just by watching and talking to women about what sensations they are feeling.
  • The conditions to allow orgasmic birth have to be the same as they are for orgasmic sex! If we understood better how birth works, we could help hospitals optimise the environment to improve the birthing experience – less clinical, more homely, more private.
  • Follow your instincts to move to get as comfortable as possible during labour.
  • Your baby and your uterus work together to get your baby in the ideal position for the birth itself.
  • And now the clitoris can come into its own and do its work.
  • The clitoris is located at the very place the fetus must pass to exit the birth canal – at the apex of the pubic arch. Stimulating the clitoris prepares the woman’s body for the birth itself, making a lovely soft cushion to protect the baby’s head as it emerges.
  • Oxytocin is released by Ferguson’s reflex – by distending the vagina – at the G spot, just behind the clitoris.
  • The clitoris operates an 8,000 nerve information highway to the pituitary gland from where a huge gust of oxytocin is released.
  • The best way to trigger orgasm birth is to ensure that the back of the baby’s head is pressing hard against the G spot. Let gravity help. Hands and knees or forward leaning positions will help.

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