Birth can be safe, healthy, and empowering for women. With proper preparation and the right support team, there’s a greater chance of achieving orgasmic birth, leaving a wonderful memory for you and your partner. In this episode, Doula Andrea Hausheer discusses how home birth can be a wonderful experience as a mother and how different it is from giving birth at the hospital. Surrounded by proper support, Andrea had orgasmic birth at 42 weeks!

Andrea Hausheer is a Doula and coach for couples. She lives in Barcelona, Spain, with her 2 sons- Arlo and Nico. Her partner John is from the US, and she is from Switzerland.  She specializes in preparing couples for their birth but also for the time afterward with a newborn and how to become a strong team and stay a loving couple. Andrea’s support is mainly online, where she is with the couple before and after birth for 6-8 months. Andrea and her partner organize Babymoon Festivals for couples to have fun for a weekend to bond and prepare for their big day together.

In this episode:

  • Andrea discusses what it means to connect with your body. She talks about the mind-body connection during pregnancy.
  • The advantages of having a home birth – having support and feeling like being in good hands.
  • The importance of having the proper support during pregnancy – not only for the mother but also for the partner who should feel supported.
  • Feeling the panic and stress in the later parts of pregnancy happens. Ensure that you have the right support who can understand and express reassurance.
  • Andrea talks about the “best prescription” she has ever received and how birth improves intimacy with your partner.
  • Your support team and the place you give birth are two of the most important factors in achieving orgasmic birth.
  • Be open and curious – give yourself positive affirmations and be mentally prepared for birth. Feel like a goddess.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meditation is helpful in rebuilding trust with yourself
  • Learn to trust your body and your baby 
  • Delivery is stressful for your partners too
  • The second opinion in any field related to health is important
  • Trust your body and what you are doing
  • There is no shame in finding pleasure during pregnancy
  • Prepare for a joyful, blissful orgasmic birth with the right support
“I started to really focus… It worked for me perfectly. And I could imagine that this works for loads of women. I had this image that whenever a contraction came back, I totally opened up. And I make so much space in my body.” – Andrea Hausheer
“It’s so important that you have the right support… Every woman deserves to be a goddess for their birth.” – Andrea Hausheer
“The most important was checking in with yourself that your own wisdom and connection to your baby knew what you both needed.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro

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