We are never too old to feel the joy of being a child again, especially if our childhood was a painful experience.

In this episode, Meghan Hindi, an inspirational mother who experienced healing through an ecstatic home birth, shares her powerful story of reclaiming her strength and finding joy after years of feeling like she was nothing. She stresses how birth can be a transformational experience and delves into the role of therapy in healing from trauma and accepting post-traumatic growth. This is an inspiring story that reminds us that with the right support, we can all access our power within!

Meghan Hindi is an Author of The Healing You Can Do, an illustrated children’s book for the inner child of readers of all ages. She is also a Life Coach, Archer, Horsewoman, and Doula. Meghan has a passion for helping women redefine their story, their worth, and their future- through her Empowerment Program called Wildish Way in West Milford, NJ. She offers Archery instruction, private Archery parties/events, Healing through Horsemanship, Life Coaching, and Birth Coaching/Doula services. 

In this episode:

  • Meghan’s inspiring journey of healing through an ecstatic home birth, and how she broke down barriers to more love and intimacy in birth
  • Overcoming fear and trauma to experience the bliss of birth
  • How to unlock trauma and redefine your worth with the healing you can do

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect to ancestral wisdom within yourself and lean into hunger, desire, and primal nature
  • Trauma survivors have the superpower to see what needs to be healed in themselves
  • Find a community and give grace and empowerment to those around you
  • The importance of allowing oneself to enjoy who they are in this moment and who one has always been since one was born
  • The story of resilience, transformation, and growth in the face of trauma – Moving forward with grace and courage in creating a new life for yourself

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’re helping women to find their true wild nature, true instinctual and intuitive nature in them because it’s not just for birth, it’s for life, and it’s for living after trauma. ” – Meghan Hindi

“Birth can give you new eyes to see your own power.” – Debra Pascali- Bonaro 

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