A Powerful Homebirth Story

Katrina's Story

On Tuesday morning, the 21st of September, I woke up early in the morning to mild contractions. I decided to time them, even though I was fairly sure that they were just practice contractions. They were lasting a full minute, and were averaging 5-10 minutes apart. I tried not to get excited, because I know that prodromal labor can last weeks before the baby actually comes! I let my midwife know, just to be safe, and carried on about my day.

Once I got moving, the contractions fizzled out and I tried to forget about them. We had a super normal day. I worked from home and Adam and Evan did their routine. This pregnancy was very difficult physically and sometimes emotionally too. At the end of the day, I indulged in a complaining session to Adam and had a good cry. I felt sure I couldn’t endure being pregnant much longer. We went to bed around 10, and I tried to settle in for another long night. At about 11, I started noticing the contractions returning. I started timing them, and they were 5-10 minutes apart and getting closer. Within half an hour, they were fairly intense and I was starting to have to vocalize through them. These are no Braxton Hicks, I thought. Adam suggested we try to get some sleep, but I responded “I don’t think you understand!” At that point, Adam realized it was time to call the birth team.

My mom was first, then the midwife, my doula, and the photographer. One by one, they all started to arrive. Adam had been helping me work through each contraction with counter pressure on my hips, and as the team arrived, each person began helping me in a different way. At any given moment, someone was playing with my hair, someone was holding my hand, someone was giving me counter pressure, and someone was massaging my feet.

Outside, the rain was pouring down, and we opened the window so I could hear the rain. Inside, we were cozy, and the only light came from the twinkle lights in my bedroom. As I worked through the waves, I felt like a queen, beautiful and graceful. In between waves, I laughed and cried for joy with my mom and doula. As the contractions picked up in intensity, they started to sing hymns over me while I labored, and I joined them whenever I had the breath. At one point, all the women left the room so that Adam and I could share a sweet few moments alone together before the baby was to be born. We began to make out passionately, and he worked magic with his hands. I was able to orgasm in labor, something I never knew was possible!

When the women returned, I felt the first powerful urge to push. (I’m certain it’s because of the powerful oxytocin that had just been released) I had been vocalizing through each of my contractions, but at that moment I let out a guttural wail that surprised me with its intensity. At that point, my water broke and it went everywhere! My midwife asked me if I would like to get into the birth pool to push my baby out, and I agreed. I decided to get through one more contraction (the baby was crowning at this point!!) and then get up and run to the pool so I could make it before the next wave.

There were probably five people holding onto me as I speed-walked down the hall to the pool! Thankfully I made it in time, and had another huge wave as I felt my baby’s head start to really crown. I held on to Adams’ neck for support as I surrendered to the intensity of the process. “Katrina, reach down and feel your baby,” my midwife said. I did, and I felt his soft and wrinkly head, full of hair. It’s a feeling I always want to remember. I remember stopping at this point to make sure I went with my body rather than pushing against it. I felt the ring of fire, which I had feared so much during pregnancy, but in that moment I knew that I was far more powerful than any pain.

Adam began praying out loud over the baby in what felt like the most holy moment of my life. With the next wave, his whole head emerged. I let out a primal roar as I let my body work, and a child was born.

Never have I felt more powerful or more feminine.

I turned around so that the midwife could place the baby on my chest, and I bubbled up with laughter as I soaked in the sight of my new baby. “Is it a boy or girl?” someone asked. Adam went to check and announced “It’s a BOY!?” We had been so sure it was a girl! I laughed some more and was overcome with joy. So it was Jason Isaac, and now I have two sons!

Connect with Katrina: @hurricaneblondi

Photography Credit: @evetta_m_photograaphy


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