A Powerful Homebirth Story

Michelle's Story

I broke my waters at 6 am when i was heading the elevator after waking up with a big wish of being in nature.

From 6 am to 12 pm i was in nesting mode until i decide to rest for the next stage.

At 3:30 pm I asked my partner to give me some space because it was my time to start the journey and I wanted to be alone.

The clock was ticking and i was opening myself spiritually and physically trough breathing, dancing and singing to my baby, to my ancesters, to nature.. Using pain as a guide, resting in the pauses between contractions, living the moment with full presence.

6:45 pm I knew i was getting into the edge when the midwives arrived.
10 minutes later I was feeling the need to push.

I  jumped into the water and as soon as I was there I entered in a meditative state.
I closed my eyes, I was feeling the water, the music, the voices  and my baby arriving.
I was in peace and ready to go back of this sacred journey with my daughter.

7:05 the desire to push was there again. I didn’t felt pain, I felt a hot current flowing from my vagina to my feet, I was going through the ring of fire.

Suddenly the head of my baby was out.
I caressed her.

7:09 The next moment I was returning from this sacred journey with my daughter in arms.

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