When you envision giving birth, what position do you imagine you will be in? Many of the images and media we see is of someone on their backs in a bed. But is this really the safest and sexiest way?

In this episode, Debra Pascali discusses the history of birth positions prior to the medicalization of birth, providing tips and tools to help parents prepare for birth with knowledge, power, and choices. She delves into the physiology of birth and how you can find comfort and pleasure in easing a baby into the world. Join us for this essential exploration into creating an informed birth experience full of pleasure!

In this episode:

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  • Why birth position matters and makes a huge difference
  • What causes birth trauma and how we can begin to prevent and heal
  • How traditional birth positions and techniques can help create a more comfortable and pleasurable birth experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Your body is designed to open and stretch and let your baby out
  • That holding your breath in birth (especially for long periods) is not beneficial 
  • That respect of a birthing person’s preference for second stage position is something to be honored  
  • Kneeling, squatting, and leaning forward are great birth positions
  • The Relaxin hormone that is released at end of pregnancy which helps ligaments to open and stretch. 
  • Tools such as ropes, slings, and birth stools can help facilitate upright birthing
  • Episiotomies should only be used in an emergency 

Resources Mentioned:

Pleasurable Birth Essentials

Tweetable Quotes:

“Knowing your options and being respected to use them makes an incredible difference to birth” – Debra Pascali-Bonaro


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