How do we have a powerful birth journey that leaves us empowered? Are you ready to allow yourself to experience pleasure in birth?


In this episode, we are joined by Theresa Lasbrey Peters. She is a Birth and postpartum doula and lactation specialist. Founder of Nnenna Birth. Her mission is to revolutionize the way we give birth in this country. Theresa and Debra discuss how research can help you decide which birthing methods are best for you. Theresa then talks about the actual labor and birth itself – how it went according to plan and that it was easier than she anticipated because of her preparation. In the end, she shares that having this type of dialogue with caregivers can help make childbirth more comfortable for both you and your care provider.


In this episode:

  • Theresa shares her experiences birthing two children and the preparation it took. She emphasizes the importance of learning as much as possible about childbirth and strategizing for an empowering experience.
  • It is important to have caregivers who respond to your birth plans and an OB who is respectful despite different set of beliefs about birth.
  • Theresa describes the labor and birth as being “easy” and “natural”, with no pain medication or interventions. Listen to her incredible story!
  • Theresa talks about how she became an advocate for herself during her birth

Key Takeaways:

  • It is extremely helpful to do some research in preparation for birth
  • The key is to surround yourself with respectful caregivers despite varying beliefs about birth
  • Being attuned with your body allows you to relax better or know what’s wrong
  • Birth is a way to feel empowered – have control over your body and birth
  • Birthing is like an Olympic sport – adjusting and strategizing for each individual situation
  • Doulas help keep the space comfortable and make mothers feel supported
  • Consider having a doula to help you strategize for optimal births


Tweetable Quotes:

“I love to give birth. I will give birth like an Olympic sport… I would like to adjust and strategize.” – Theresa Lasbrey Peters

“I’d be like, what is everyone talking about this birth thing being hard? They just come out! And as a doula, I know that they don’t just come out, right? You know, It’s mind over matter. And I have, for this specific thing,…this ability to transmute or to experience it as pleasure… A joyful anticipation.” – Theresa Lasbrey Peters




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