It’s time to honor that there is joy, love, pleasure, and ecstasy in birth and start asking, how are we going to support people to have that peak transformational experience?


In this episode, Debra discusses why it’s essential to create an orgasmic birth environment where you feel safe and respected. She encourages you to research your providers overall rates of  interventions in childbirth. Debra delves into why there’s a need for change in the birth experience and what you should take into account to create an ambiance that is conducive to relaxation and intimacy. Listen and enjoy!

In this episode:

  • If medicalization of birth was always good, then we’d be having better outcomes than we have
  • There are disparities in maternal and infant mortality rates based on race and ethnicity
  • Birth can be an enjoyable experience if people are prepared and allow themselves to feel their emotions fully
  • Take back your power and explore your options for an orgasmic birth

Key Takeaways:

The reason why the medicalization of birth is like the industrialization of birth.

Black, brown and indigenous women are three times more likely to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth than white women.

Preparing for childbirth can involve learning about different options and resources, as well as creating a positive birth ambiance.

People feel intimidated or uncomfortable when they are in prenatal care and are not allowed to ask questions about rates or childbirth interventions.

Positive birth preparation includes being aware of what is available in homebirth, birth center and  the hospital setting, as well as preparing mentally and physically for the experience.

Instead of creating an ordinary experience, every birth has the potential to be extraordinary.

Tweetable Quote:


“In birth, you need to be in a place where you can really let your mind go. You have to get into your body so that you can feel your way through labor and birth.” – Debra Pascali Bonaro



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