My birth was such an incredible journey.
It was long… it was intense… and oh. So. Satisfying!
Intense, transcending, beautiful, empowering, powerful all describe my birth perfectly.
My daughter was not in the ideal birthing position which slowed things down. Each wave brought me closer to meeting my daughter, but I was also content being pregnant for just a little longer. I remained quiet, and I let her intuition lead me. I knew there was a reason for this long labor, and I knew there was a reason she would never stay left occiput anterior. Her cord was very short, and my placenta was anterior. As I progressed I was in complete denial I was actually transitioning as I had the urge to push from 3cm onward. I had about a 45-minute drive in torrential rain in Atlanta’s traffic, and my body had already started pushing at home an hour prior. I remember being in the back seat of my car locking eyes with the driver of a truck that was stuck behind me in traffic and giggling halfway through a contraction. I was asking my baby to hold on just a little longer… we are almost to the birth center, but I’m losing confidence that I’ll make it.  We did make it just in time for me to eat a snack, rupture my membranes onto my amazing doula, and get the pool filled. As I entered the birth pool I knew it was time. With the support of my husband and birth team, I slowly welcomed our beautiful wildflower into this world. Peace, surrender, and wonder… how did I do that? How did my body and baby know how to work together? It’s been nearly two years and I remember every beautiful moment.
If you doubt your abilities, know you have the strength. If you worry about the sensations, know your body is capable. Much love!

Enjoy our short reel below, or visit our YouTube channel for her full story.

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