Using Contraction Stations for a Intervention Free Home Birth

submitted by Tashi

I read Orgasmic Birth in my first trimester after finding a lovely doula who recommended it. It blew me away! This is my first baby but something inside me told me to stay away from the medical side of things and to search for something deeper.

Throughout my pregnancy, I worked through my fears such as ‘going to hospital’ by fully feeling them and releasing them through movement and sound.

I made love to my partner right up until the day before I gave birth which kept my oxytocin building and building.

My waters broke at 39 weeks at 2 am on 19th July 2021 and by 10.02 am my daughter Soraya Emerald was born.

It felt very ecstatic to start with.

Laurence set up the pool and I lit the candles in my birth alter and put some music on. We did loads of smooching and rubbing and I used the yoga hammock at the beginning to ease through my contractions. It all felt very erotic to start with but the contractions got intense very quickly.

It was not easy. She was back to back and the contractions started 3 minutes apart from the start. I had back labor. The pain was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. In hindsight, I would have done more pain management preparation. My partner was INCREDIBLE and I feel he did the laboring with me.

There was a point when I thought to myself that the pain was too much and I couldn’t go on but I managed to keep it to myself and push through. I knew if I voiced it might become reality. Words are spells.

I kept moving the ENTIRE 8 hours.

Laurence had set up little contraction stations around the house as I seemed to fall into the same spaces.  I spiraled my hips continuously. Even when it was agonizing. The sounds that came out of me were otherworldly.

When I was transitioning I asked them to call the midwife. My partner was reluctant but I demanded that I needed to hear her heartbeat. My doula Francesca called them right away.

They arrived when I was in the pool. I was able to stay psychedelic even when they had the front door wide open and my partner and doula told them to go straight into the kitchen and stay there. Francesca came to me and said if I wanted  to have a cervical exam and I said, ‘there’s no way anyone coming near my vagina, I just want to hear her heartbeat.’

Francesca asked me if I wanted her to tell them not to talk to me and I said yes. The midwife came into the room and pressed the monitor onto my stomach and I felt this power wash through me as I heard her heartbeat. She went back into the kitchen.

"Laurence had set up little contraction stations around the house as I seemed to fall into the same spaces. I spiraled my hips continuously."

I felt like I had to learn how to push.

It was the most POWERFUL feeling I could ever imagine and I was in awe of my animal nature. It was as if the power of all the women before me was coming through as I roared and roared. Laurence and Francesca were like my cheerleaders. They were so so amazing, words can’t explain.

Feeling my daughter’s head moving through my pelvis was mindblowing. I was in the pool and I felt her head with my hands. It was furry. Francesca reminded me to push slowly and have a break once her head was out. One more contraction and push and her whole body slipped out of me into the water. I searched for her tiny body and very slowly lifted her up. Her arms were crossed and her eyes were wide open. It was like seeing the whole universe being born. Laurence stripped off and got in the water.

I needed help out as my legs were like jelly. After about 5 minutes sitting on the sofa, we let the midwives in. They offered me an injection to bring on the placenta which I rejected and 5 minutes later the placenta was birthed.

We kept the placenta attached for 8 hours which Laurence then cut off ceremonially.

I am in total awe of my body and know that it is a woman’s right to have a normal birth, without intervention even when it is excruciating. We can do this!

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