Doing it at home

with Sarah Bivens

What an important and personal discussion I had with Sarah Bivens from Doing It At Home, a company helping parents to feel confident, prepared and excited for home birth She shared a bit of her own birth story and decision to change from a hospital birth to a home birth and then we dove deep into her practices that include utilizing sexual energy for manifestation, healing and joy (as opposed to only looking at it for procreation, fun and/or duty)!

She shared how important it is for us to do our own work on having healthy relationship to sexuality and went onto discuss sexuality as a pillar of health (in all senses of the term) that impacts creativity and expression.

Watch our conversation below.

About Sarah

“We were pregnant and planning your typical hospital birth, because that’s all we knew. But somewhere towards the middle of the pregnancy we realized that birthing in a hospital was not for us, and we began to look at what the other options were.

Fast forward to September 11th, 2016 when we’re welcoming our daughter Maya into the world via an incredible home birth!

We get into the full story on episode #2 of the podcast, but bottom line is that our journey wasn’t the easiest one, but it was the right one for us.

During our research process, before we made our home birth decision, we struggled to find empowering, raw and honest resources on home birth. Everything was either up in the clouds or tainted with fear and judgement. So we created this podcast to bring authentic, conscious and loving conversations to the topic of home birth.

Tune in, sit back, and join us as we’re doing it at home!”

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