TOP SIX Ways a Doula Creates a Safe and Loving Space for Labor, Birth & Postpartum

Doulas help create a birth environment what I call birth ambiance that sets the stage for your hormones to flow for a gentle birth

Doulas support your sensuality: what you see, smell, hear, taste and feel guiding you and supporting you to create an environment that supports all your senses to feel safe, private and calm. Loving through labor reduces pain and creates ease.

Doulas support your natural flow of oxytocin
 (the love hormone) encouraging you to connect with your body, baby and partner with loving words and touch.

Doulas do it all night! Doulas are with you continuously to support you to move, dance, sing, rest and play music to transform pain to power with pleasure.

Doulas have a comfort treasure chest full of labor and birth positions that facilitate the baby’s rotation and use gravity, as well as acupressure points, visualizations, meditations, breathe and touch.

Doulas support and ease your transition to parenthood, helping you and your family with education, care and honoring of postpartum rituals and cultural traditions that support healing on every level.

Become a Doula!

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