In this powerful and inspiring episode, Leen Leysen, a doula and hypnobirthing teacher, shares her three unique birthing experiences and her incredible journey as a surrogate mother for a gay couple. Throughout her journey, Leen highlights the significance of trusting the birthing process, making informed choices, and surrounding oneself with a supportive and loving birth team. Her story exemplifies the power of love, connection, and empowered birth experiences.

Leen is a mother of 3, a mom of 2, and married to her soulmate. After the birth of her son, she felt the calling to become a birthkeeper. She is a birth and death doula, Doula trainer, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Hypnobirthing teacher, Birth photographer, Vice president of the Belgian Federation of Doula’s. After the beautiful orgasmic births of their own children, she wanted to experience the magic of pregnancy and birth one last time, so they decided to become a surrogate family.


In this episode:

Leen Leysen is a mother of three, doula trainer, pregnancy yoga teacher, hypnobirthing teacher, and birth photographer Leen’s journey highlights embracing the miraculous aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, transforming skepticism into becoming a birth keeper Leen’s informed choice for natural labor empowered her during a positive home birth experience Having a strong circle of support from a doula and midwife friends positively impacted Leen’s second birth journey Her ability to address and overcome potential complications at home showcases the possibility of safe and empowering home births As a surrogate for a gay couple, Leen experienced a beautiful and transformative birth, affirming the power of love and connection Because of her loss, the significance of community and rituals in healing after a pregnancy loss is highlighted For her third birth, trusting her body and the birthing process allowed Leen to experience a more empowering and transformative birth


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Love and support during childbirth create beautiful and transformative birthing experiences Being well-informed empowers decision-making during childbirth Surrounding oneself with love and care enhances the birthing journey Creating a positive and trusting birthing environment with a supportive team can enhance the birthing experience for the mother Spread love and kindness instead of fighting and aggression


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“It was so transformative and so beautiful. I think that the biggest part for me of orgasmic birth is that you’re birthing in your way with the information that you need and then the collaboration and care of that team around you, that circle of support.” – Leen Leysen

“Knowing what happens in your body takes the fear away.” – Leen Leysen


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